50 Things To Do Before You Turn 80 | Age Facts You Need To Know

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On your birthday I wish you’d look younger and impeccably dressed, dance to a song that was released when you were born for your guest, and let ‘them cheer for you, that’ll be awesome.

For an individual who’s going to be 80, it’s time to travel back in time to old days, back to the present, and then to the future with these fifty list plans.

50 Things To Do Before You Turn 80

  1. Go To Prom With The Kids
  2. Watch A Pig Roast
  3. Go To The Movies
  4. Dance In The Puddle
  5. Bathe In The Rain
  6. Go Cruising
  7. Review Your Will
  8. Test The Power Of Attorney
  9. Sign Up For The Voice UK
  10. Try Out Isolation Tank Therapy
  11. Play Mickey Mouse
  12. Try Your Hands On Gardening
  13. Play Bouncy Like In TOTS
  14. Surf
  15. Take Part In A Demonstration
  16. Attend A Comic Con
  17. Travel To Disneyland
  18. Sing An Old Song At A Karaoke
  19. Attend A Concert
  20. Dress Up For Halloween
  21. Watch Anime
  22. Retire
  23. Sign Up For Gym Class
  24. Try Your Hands At Painting
  25. Get A Job
  26. Visit The Countryside
  27. Adopt A Stray Cat Or Dog
  28. Donate To Charity
  29. Buy A House
  30. Go On A Solo Trip
  31. Buy A Robot
  32. Go Camping
  33. Visit All Seven Continents
  34. Stay Up All Night
  35. Pioneer A Protest
  36. Go On Social Media Detox
  37. Visit A Spa
  38. Find Your Root In A Religion
  39. Create A Family Photo Book
  40. Have Dinner With Your Extended Family
  41. Take Care Of Your Health
  42. Get Health Insurance Plan
  43. Think About Receiving Your Pension
  44. Let The People You Love Know You Love Them
  45. Reconnect With Old Friends
  46. Camp In The Backyard
  47. Sign Up For A Piano Class
  48. Listen To Good Oldies
  49. Throw Yourself A Party
  50. Ride On Horse Back

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