13 Things To Do Before You Turn 65 | Age Facts You Need To Know

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Whoever said you were old at 65. You may be old, but you are still very young not to do some crazy stuff that wouldn’t affect your health haphazardously.

If you’re currently sixty four, about to turn sixty five, then you are in what most people call a milestone age. You should be thankful, younger people look forward to staying alive till 65 do be glad you are and do not leave the fun out even as you prepare for these few bucket list that might interest you.

13 Things To Do Before Turning 65

1. Write Down The List Of Things You Are Grateful For

It couldn’t have been as easy as cracking an egg, pen down the things you are grateful for and those you are most appreciative of, for their efforts and love. Let them know you are glad they were in your life and still are.

2. Create A Family Photo Album

This is one thing you could pass over to the younger ones, a genealogy. You could begin from three generations before you, it’s a memorial, you know, like in Coco.

Let them get to know their ancestry and if you have a large family, it’s possible that most kids wouldn’t know who their cousins are and who isn’t. This is a beautiful thing to do.

3. Make A Retirement Plan

You’re not too old to continue the struggle but at this point, what you’d need most is rest. It can’t hinder you from making more exploits, you just need to restrategize. You could make a retirement plan but keep your brain busy with this and that.

4. Start Taking Your Health Serious

It’s time to deal with that irregular back ache and rheumatism. At this age, your body may begin to experience some entropy, you shouldn’t ignore them. It’s normal for older people to experience some disorderliness in their systems but chalking it up to frequent ailment might make it metamorphose to something worse. Tackle the pain now.

Visit your doctor regularly to get more helpful health tips.

5. Get A Long Term Care Insurance Policy

This will help you pay for some needs and it gets better if you get a private long term insurance policy. You might have to grapple for it but it’s better you do it now.

6. Get Down To Your Will

This is one of those things we dread speaking of but it’s as cardinal as the breathe we take now. You might to begin draftings out your will; make changes where necessary, it’s better you plan early.

7. Review Your Will And Power Of Attorney

You might want to make changes to plan no 6, with this, you’ll equally need to test the power of your attorney, this way, you are certain your will goes unaltered.

8. Spend More Time With Your Family

Enough of the busy schedules, it’s time to get down to knowing your kids and grandkids better. People change, and you may have missed that change. Make up for those times you were too busy to listen to their complaints. Share a family time together.

9. Sign Up For Gym Classes

If you find this necessary but I feel it’s good you stay fit.

10. Find A Mentee

It’s time to impact someone with that knowledge you garnered over the years. Help a younger person overcome their fears; it’s a legacy you’ll be leaving behind.

11. Find A Hobby

Now, you’re about to retire, you should start doing the little things that interest you. Find a hobby, could be sports like golf, hiking, or gardening and the bits.

12. Reconnect With An Old Friend

Old friends have a way of bringing back memories of the good old days.

13. It’s Time To Worry About HSAM

Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (Hyperthymesia) may not be something to worry about but if it does become something to worry about, it’s good you visit your doctor or therapist frequently.

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