50 Things To Do Before You Turn 70 | Age Facts You Need To Know

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Are you turning seventy soon? It’s an incredible age, believe me. I’m not seventy yet but I know how many young folks would do anything possible to stay alive till 70.  It’s a milestone age, be grateful.

So you don’t follow the usual boring routine you’ve employed over the years, it’s time for a change. I mean, you’re going to be seventy, seven decades. That’s a lot, you need a new bucket list before your 70th birthday and I have it.

50 Things To Do Before You Turn 70

  1. Go Camping
  2. Visit The Safari
  3. Dance In The Moonlight
  4. Tell A Story In The Moonlight
  5. Tour Europe In A Rail Trip
  6. Live Outside Your Country
  7. Go On A Solo Trip
  8. Ride The Gondola In Venice
  9. Go On A Tourist
  10. Write Down The Things You’re Grateful For
  11. Retire
  12. Draft A Will
  13. Visit Stonehenge
  14. Go Cruising
  15. Hire A Canal Boat
  16. Cook For Your Family
  17. Eat On A Large Table
  18. Eat At An Exquisite Restaurant Alone
  19. See The Taj Mahal
  20. Visit All Seven Continents
  21. Test The Power Of Attorney
  22. Sign Up For A Gym Class
  23. Attend A School Reunion
  24. Learn Your Family History
  25. Write A Journal
  26. Spend More Time With Your Family
  27. Create A Family Photo Book
  28. Visit Places Form Your Childhood
  29. Take Your Grandkids To School
  30. Reconnect With Old Friends
  31. Sing A Song From When You Were Born
  32. Learn About Other Cultures
  33. Go Hiking
  34. Travel The Countryside
  35. Throw Yourself A Party And Act Surprised
  36. Try Bonfire
  37. Sign Up For America’s Got Talent
  38. Try Out The Spelling Bee
  39. Donate To Charity
  40. Rescue A Stray Cat
  41. Go Skiing
  42. Go Skinny Dipping
  43. Sit In A Church All Day
  44. Watch A 90s Movie
  45. Ride A Hot Balloon
  46. Try Hot Tank Therapy
  47. Be A Regular At A Hospital
  48. Get An Insurance Plan
  49. Get Pensioned
  50. Visit Your Grandkids

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