How To Check Your SASSA R350 Grant Status Online In 2021

The R350 grant is very important to people who are without an income and suffering because of the Covid-19 lockdown.

The Social Security Agency has explained that they had to deal with many millions of applications and this put a strain on their systems. They have also made it possible for those who were rejected to apply again.

Now Sassa has put their records online so you can see if your SRD grant applicants were processed and you can check on the status. Applicants will be very pleased that they can now check the progress of their COVID-19 SRD grant applications.

Before you proceed to check your SASSA R350 Grant Status online, you will need your ID Number and Phone number used to submit the application.

How To Check Your SASSA R350 Grant Status

  • The first step to checking on your application is to click on or copy and paste this URL in your browser:
  • Here, you will be able to check the progress of your grant by entering first your ID number and then your cellphone number. If these details are correct you will receive an update on the application.


Through the provision of the Social Relief of Distress (SRD), Sassa has explained that they aim to assist people who face undue hardship and they hope to ensure that many do not go to bed hungry.

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  1. Some of my months are not paid ..January..February ..March then they pay me April bt the all approved bt. No payday or filled except April

    1. Sassa only paid me for May, June and July 2020, after that they never paid me till now. I dont know what is the problem. I have been emailing them but they have never replyed to my emails.

        1. I never received any money from sassa but it says approved since August and when i go to the post office nothing I’m i going to receive that money or what I want to be clear

      1. I’m also have that that severe issue , i even ask an IT (information Technology) to check the matter

        1. Same to me declined sadly im not working working even last year there some months they I didn’t received my payments

  2. I only received ones on May after that is decline, there is nothing I didn’t do. I write email for appeal no reply, mina I don’t know what to do manje

  3. The last time got payment Feb for March was approved but waiting for the date and of payment April it’s said decline reasons identity verification failed and check again it’s cancelled for what don’t know sending emails want a clarity but no response as im unemployed depending to money. Please reply me

    1. I have received Jan, march, And April by still waiting for February it still shows approved so when can I expect that and I’m using Capitec Bank

    2. I receive the grant only for Jan 2021 wen i check my status it’s approved with no payment date n went 2 post-office nating so far wt must i do

  4. I have been approved and I reserved several months payment. But now they said decline.they just said rp5 registered.i go to SARS they don’t know about that and what that mean.i make affidavit I send appeals but I don’t reserved any answers.what must I do now.

  5. Everything starts after I sent to sassa my bank account, what I realised ithat every person how sent there accounts all that have same problem.

    1. You are absolutely correct my too since I send my account I never get paid until today

  6. I never get that social grant since it was started because of ird registed but i don’t have any income any job am suffering i don’t know were to go please help

  7. I have been applied the grant in 2020 but nothing I got so I check what is the problem

  8. I have been recieving money but March and April declined says NsFas registered,I dd applied for Nsfas but didn’t not approved since I’m not studying and I ddnt get school ,what must I do now

  9. I have been approved and get sassa for 1one month before that they said decline they just said irp5 problem am not working and idon have any income i appeal am waiting fir an answer

    1. They just pay me for the first 3 months (May,Jun&July) via post office. After I’ve transferred it to capitCa Bank I never got it until today . My status was use to be approved (no pay day) after about 3 days remains Referred

      I don’t know where it delays, our lovely n handsome president *Ramaphosa gave us this money avoiding us from saffuring and he was also preventing us from criminal activities

  10. It say declined because I’ve registered Nsfas but i dont get any money from Nsfaa cause i didn’t get school, i don’t know what do to anymore?

  11. My sassa status was approved from Jan-Apr but I haven’t received the so called two smses for a way forward

  12. Since last August I didn’t receive any of my money and I don’t think they’ll give me all the money for those months because they claimed that its their are faaul , so I don’t know what to do, please assist me I really need that money

  13. Hello. I changed collecting my Sassa from post office to receiving it via bank. Since February waiting for Sassa and no reply.
    How do i ensure my banking details are being captured in your data system?

  14. My status has been saying approved for February, March and April and haven’t received payment till today. I’ve updated my banking details

  15. Was declined for what you say is a uif matter but I’m just so upset cos that’s not a benefit for me as a tax payer for less than 3months which is so unfair by the employers of this country who just employ you for that period of time and you paying tax that is of no benefit as I’ve said so here I am still struggling to make ends meet but to no avail but yes that was a great help to us who’s not on the system and I want to know how often do yous check for applicants who’s in the same boat as I am?

  16. I am Thembisile Irene Simamane I applied for unemployment grant but it declined and the system shows that I am receiving social grant but I don’t recieve any grant and I am not working I did everything I send email to appeal but no money at the post office

  17. I did register for NSFAS but I don’t get fund since I’ve never made it to school,and it seems like my application declined past two months March and April

  18. I was very disappointed guys since Nov to Jan has been approved but no payday and Feb to Apr pending

  19. I last got my last payment in November.
    Since December till aprApi haven’t received any money and it’s already approved but no Payday

  20. I have been approved for November 2020 December 2020 and January 2021no payment date given,February March and April still pending, and we are now on the 1st week of June. Any ideas because Sassa is not responding

  21. I have been declined during May 2020 to Jan 2021 then Feb 2021 to March 2021 I was approved so what I suppose to do

  22. I did apply since Jan 2021 and my application has been declined for the reason Uif registered. I went to Labour department to clear my name. The part that I don’t understand is that the consultant helping me clicks a button and clear the name from Uif registration. He even gave me a reference which I don’t have to hand in according to him the system shows automatically. That was May month every time when I phone to follow up on my status i my appeal is pending
    I will be happy and satisfied with a reasonable answer

  23. My brother didnot receive his money because he is a twin and his twin received his money to tell the truth its not fair

  24. I got paid for May – Oct 2020 but was declined for Nov 2020 until now, reason given was that I registered an IRP5. I appealed and was approved for Jan – April 2021 but when I go to the Post Office I don’t get any payment. I have just checked again and now i’m told I have been declined reason being, UIF registered and this is not true as I don’t have any other source of income. I have written emails to SASSA but I never got a response and now I don’t know what to do anymore.

  25. Since 2020 I have not received Srd grant, I was declined reason my surname doesn’t match with home affairs, I did change that then I was approved, I went to post office so many times they say am not on their system, I called sassa they told me i must wait for an sms from them, if I don’t get it i must keep on calling them. For how long must i wait? Where do I get money to call them all the time because am unemployed.

  26. Last week i got paid for Nov,Dec n Jan then now it says declined for Feb,March n April the reason was IRP5 n i did appeal

  27. I applied with my old cellphone number but now i have a new cellphone number can you please assist me i cannot check my status due to cell number

  28. I applied for a Srd grant since last year it says NSFas registered but Im not studying. Using my mothers number and email address.

  29. I recieved an sms saying i must go to post office to collect the R350 but i have never been updated before or recieved any sms ..i am wondering if i go there will i get the money or?

  30. I was reffered safps as a victim my matter resolved but waiting for respond but no one call since last year srd stop to being paid in my account what must I do now since we facing this tragedy,can’t realese my money blocked please.

  31. My payment started in July 2020,so that means April,May and June is not paid why? Because everyone must be paid 13 months.

  32. My mom was payed for 4months hence all 6months ws approved and date, time of payment appears when we check online can someone explain what is going on.

  33. I applied last year using someone cell phone number and I receive grant money for 3 month,may, June and July since then I I did get any now that now I reapply sending my cell no and banking details still no response_only reffed since last year I’m worried

  34. I finally received a payment, but only for 5 months which was from Oct 2020. Yet I have been approved for the payment since July 2020. What happened to the rest of the payment? I have also on numerous accounts tried to email, phone, and send messages. No reply, or I get referred tp register!!!!!!!

  35. I have changed payment to my bank account, months ago, received a confirmation but has not received any money in my account as yet

  36. I have applied for social relieve grant, when I check my status it says fail. Why because m not working or getting any grant. I have a persal number because i used to work for Stas sa as a contractor. M currently not working.

  37. I only recieved the grant for two months. which was last year september and October, it kept on saying uif registered while i’m not working, no student either

  38. my name is sinelile sydney tshawe, my comment is, i have received R1400 for my old srd and R350 from the new one, please inform my self about the issue

  39. I just received a SMS that started that my sassa Inc was declined because I have income I don’t where where from because iv have been unemployed for 2 years and the President stateed that people who also get grand for kids can olso apply for the R350 social releaf… Please explain to me

    1. My sassa income always decline, you always tell me that I have an income but I have been unemployed about 4 years. Yes I was working so I’m registered at SARS but that doesn’t me I have income… please guys just give me my money .

  40. I’m said because my pay day is today when I check there is no money on my account but my pay day is today

  41. I not working than my srd grand says decline and also I dont have business why is decline

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