Frequently Asked Questions About SASSA R350 Grant Payment 2024

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SASSA R350 Grant Payment 2024… Numerous people have been asking us about how to change their SASSA R350 Grant Payment from the Post Office to their Bank Account. Well, that shouldn’t be a problem because we always provide you with the right information you need on this platform.

The Social Relief of Distress Programme was confirmed in the regulations made under Section 27(2) of the Disaster Management Act, 2002. It was amended as a measure to prevent and combat the spread of COVID-19. On 6th August 2021, the government announced the reinstatement of the SRD grant, which will run through March 2022.

On 25th August 2021, the spokesperson of the South African Social Security Agency, Paseka Letsatsi, announced that the body had received 8,931,375 applications as of 18th August 2021. Out of the number, 59% were female applicants, while 41% were male applicants.

SASSA Payments 2023

The SASSA spokesperson announced that the government had started remitting funds to those qualified for SASSA application for R350. Letsatsi announced that successful applicants would receive the grants through their bank accounts, South African Post Office, or mobile money transfers.

He announced that disbursement of the funds would commence on 25th August 2021, although not everyone would receive the money on the same day.

SASSA Payment Dates

The department also set up measures to avoid overcrowding at post offices, especially for beneficiaries who opted for this option. As a result, SAPO and SASSA came up with a joint strategy to use the last three digits of beneficiaries’ ID numbers for payment collection on specific days of the week. The process would help enhance social distancing and minimize the spread of Covid-19.

Successful applicants will receive an SMS from SASSA notifying them that the grant is available for collection. Therefore, if you applied for the SASSA unemployment grant and have not received the SMS, you should be patient to wait for it. Letsatsi reiterated the same saying,

Applicants are advised to avoid disappointment and not go to the post office to ‘check if the grant is available by any chance. The grant will not be available if it is not the day of the week when SAPO uses the last three digits of your ID number to pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Am I Unable To Check My Status?

According to SASSA news, the department received millions of applications from the country’s nine provinces. So, the system is processing millions of applications at once. However, SASSA announced it was working on the status check function.

What Does ‘Your Application Is Active’ Mean?

According to SASSA, this message means that the department has received your application and is reviewing it. This message is not part of the status check to tell you your application went through. Therefore, the message means you might qualify for the fund or not.

What If My Cellphone Number And Bank Account Do Not Match?

During the application process, individuals provided their phone number, postal address, and bank account number. They also had the freedom to choose their preferred payment method. However, according to the set criteria, SASSA cannot remit funds to a phone number registered with another person. Therefore, if the bank details you provided are yours, the funds will be credited to your bank account.

Will I Receive The Grant If I Am Not Vaccinated?

The SASSA R350 grant is not conditional. Therefore, anyone qualifies for it. It does not matter whether you are vaccinated or not.

I believe you have gotten all the necessary information you need to know about the SASSA R350 Grant Payment and more. If you have any other questions you wish to ask, you are free to drop a comment.

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  1. Anastacia says:

    If I selected post office as a place to receive payout then y do it say no payment method

  2. Matodzi Muneiwa says:

    I was receiving uif ters…now currently am not working anymore,isn’t possible for me to receive srd sassa?

  3. Goitsemang says:

    Am not working but it say declined y

  4. goodmind says:

    i forget there number that i rigester what should i do

  5. Sinazo says:

    It says I recieved UIF but i never work before

    • Johannes Francios Henning says:

      It says UIF for Sept but i have been retrench in 2018 already and for Oct pending…. Please help

  6. solly makua says:

    I checked sassa money yesterday at post office said am not in the system

  7. Charmaine says:

    I opened a fnb virtual account and used it for my payment choice why havent i recieved anything i also did get approved with payment dates

  8. Celiwe says:

    I get a message now saying I registered for uif that why I don’t get R350 because it declined but I don’t get any money I lost my job 2019 I never worked again I don’t receive any money from uif why?

  9. Claudette says:

    I have been apprived for Ayg, Sept and Oct but still ni sms or funds available at SAPO.

  10. Asekho Francia duma says:

    If I lost my number and I dnt know them how I will I see my balance

  11. Ontlametse seganeno says:

    I ddnt work in my life bt it decline they say I got UIF n I wonder why?

  12. mgb TSHABALALA says:

    why it always says go and get your 350 but when i get there there is nothing

  13. Nicolene says:

    One month I get the grant then it’s approved.
    The nextomyj it’s pending.. Nothing ony circumstances changed.. Why is this happening

  14. Juliet Adam says:

    I have been getting my 350 from the bank to my surprise I got a message saying I should go to post office I don’t understand why



  16. Cecilia says:

    Hi..way have i resive November payment but not my October

  17. BLONDIE says:

    hello i dont remember THE PHONE NUMBER I USED TO APPLY FOR R350 SRD GRANT

  18. Kobus Du Preez says:

    April May and June has been approved but no pay dates given

  19. Nthabeleng says:

    Why did I not get my 350 grant payment date because it’s approved… From August September October when I checked it again its canceled why pls pls me

  20. Nadia Paulsen says:

    I am looking for my April 2023status is still not showing and it’s only my des mont application for 2022is approve but still no paydate

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