New Rules On How To Appeal For SASSA R350 Grant In 2023/2024

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New Rules On How To Appeal For SASSA R350 Grant… Are you looking for a way to appeal for SASSA R350 Grant? If yes, then this informative article is for you. You will be given a Step By Step Guide On How To Appeal For SASSA R350 Grant.

If you are part of the millions of individuals whose applications were rejected, you may exercise your right to appeal the SRD grant application. Recently, a new SRD appeals applications website has been made live.

How To Submit R350 Grant Appeal Under New Rules:

According to SASSA, you may apply for the appeal within a period of 30 days but not exceeding 90 days to the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA) after receiving the notification that your application has been rejected by SASSA.

It has been reported that this applies to all appeals from April 2022 and onwards. Even if you submitted an appeal using the old SRD website, you must appeal again using the new website.

The ITSAA merged its procedures with SASSA’s procedures, which led to a minimal appeals procedure because the ITSAA already had data from SASSA. According to reports, the Tribunal would then investigate what, if anything, SASSA may have missed while assessing your application, and why it was rejected.

The Tribunal will inform you of the outcome of your appeal electronically, within a period of 60 – 90 days from the lodging of the appeal.

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  1. Karen says:

    Morning just wanted to know if i will still get my sassa relief grant because iam going to the post office but they said they never put money in the last time was January and nothing till then please help

    • Ntokozo says:

      They only paid me August to November after that they decline me say said UIF registered but I’ve never work before , what can I do so that they will pay back?.

    • Siphe Mtwana says:

      I’m not working and I don’t receive Sassa R350

    • Mphulaphuli says:

      I apply for R350 because am not working but since 2017 but sasaa they declined me because of my status says i have a source of income while i haven’t get a source of income

  2. Strinivasen pillay says:

    Applied last year and was given a pin and my phone was stolen and all ways tried to apply online but got no feed back

  3. Melisa says:

    My status says approved but nt picking up my details eg name surname on Computer

  4. Lizaan says:

    I did try to apply for the grand but it keeps telling me declined cut of dates. Please help

  5. Sibabalwe Mila says:

    I only get my money for 4 months only… So I just want to know when I will get for other months_?

  6. Themba Mabaso says:

    I’ve trying since last and it decline and it say cut of date

  7. Lungile says:

    I didn’t receive 350 for four months

  8. Hilton Gregory Chamberlain says:

    Have not been working since last year. Applied showed irp5 not registerd then pending then declined. I have no incone and have tried since last year

  9. Mokgadi Belinda says:

    I made a mistake on my banking details

  10. Phora Kamogelo says:

    How do I change the payment method?

  11. Grace says:

    I want to change bank details

  12. Lydia says:

    I want to change my payment method from post office to bank

  13. Nadea Ganief says:

    I have applied for the sassa grant and it said declined but i havent been working for the last 2 years

  14. Lynette says:

    Y name is Lynette putter ID 7208250023087 cell 0814032913

  15. Kashiefa says:

    I applied for R350 because I have been unemployed since last year November.
    Sassa declined me because my status say UIF registered, ,but I have not registered for UIF because I did NOT get my papers from previous employer,,so how can I be registered for UIF? ???

  16. Mpho says:

    Hi I apply R350 but they say I’m getting uif and I’m working since 2018 and i was not registered i was working under agency

    • Baji Rampeng says:

      I apply R350 but they say im getting resource since 2019 I no longer working please give me 350 to food ,I don’t grant for child i was not working at all

  17. Noluvuyo says:

    On behalf of Noluvuyo Gope/Mhaya she apply for SRD Grant but it keeps on decline can you please advise what could be the reason

  18. Suprise says:

    I don’t got nsfas it cut me off since 2020

  19. future Rugota says:

    I did appeal for the decline of my 350.00 SRD Grant on August 2021 but up to date is still pending not approved yet please advise what could be the reason because am not UIF registered and not working

  20. Gloria says:

    I apply on September n my application was approved n i never received it n now they say i have source of income bt im not working

  21. Victoria says:

    I want to knw when i will get my r350 because when i go to the post office their say no money i only get on September 15/2021

  22. Zanele Msiza says:

    Hi I m currently unemployed and I m don’t have any income I m applied before but I m decline because the system says I have an income. I havent been working since from 2018

  23. Charlton Konstabel says:

    irp5 registered,big issue

  24. Zanele hlatshwayo says:

    Hy am currently not working so their is no income that I am receiving

  25. Thabiso Masondo says:

    I’ve lodge an appeal last July 2022 for every month that decline but is been pending since.what confusing is that I did get paid for November and December while still pending for may,July,august,September and october.i really need the money



  27. Mohlago Salmina Ramahlo says:

    I really dont understand how this system works, this month you receive the 350 the next month it says you have a source of income whereas you are unemployed

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