18 Things To Do Before You Turn 27 | Age Facts You Need To Know

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At twenty seven everything in your life seems heightened. You feel the pressure burning down on you, you get the extra adrenaline rush more frequent than ever, you want to be better as you are approaching your thirties.

I saw a Korean movie once that changed my whole perspectives of twenty seven, I felt these folks attached such great regard to the age. They feel that at this age, you have an increased testosterone rush and you may be incapable of controlling.

I think it’s time to switch up, look at things differently, paint a different picture of your future. Instead of strive in the bland chaotic sphere you’ve carved out for yourself, why not become more open, free and wild. You’re going to be twenty seven soon, shed some of those uptightness, and learn to have fun while saving up for the future.

Add a little spice to your life with these few stuffs you might love to do before turning twenty seven.

1. Learn A Skill You Always Wanted To Try Out

Aside baking (which I learnt in high school), I’ve always wanted to learn forgery. It’s fascinating how forgers hit metals into desirability shapes, that give us the objects we desire. Learning a new skill is usually really fun and has a way of adding some fulfillment to our lives.

2. Learn To Cook A New Cuisine

I’d choose Chinese. Don’t you get intrigued by their kind of foods? I’ve had friends who studied in Chinese return to Nigeria and squeal that they can’t eat some Chinese meals they love so much, missing the chop stick more.

So, I’m guessing your pick might be Rome or Spanish foods, or you might love to come Africa, choose Nigeria and enjoy our Ofuda rice. Learn to cook a new meal; you might have to impress some friends soon.

3. Go On A Date With Someone

I’ve been much more introverted over the years that I can’t think of the last time I went on a date. Writing has become a major part of my life that I forget other stuffs exist too.

You mustn’t always turn down the numerous chances to date someone you know, dress up nicely as a lady, with a touch of subtle makeup and some blow. Pull up that shirt and show some skin as a young man and go wow that lady. Who knows, love happens in the most unprecedented places.

4. Learn How To Brew Beers And Coffee

If you’re the coffee drinker like me, you might want to make a cup for yourself instead of travel on the hurricane to grab a cup of espresso or Cappuccino.

5. Write Down Your Dreams For Your New Age

I do this every year and before my birthdays in the year, so I do this twice a year. A little flexibility is welcomed. This helps you stay in check, with this, you don’t slack back, not especially when you know you have butts to kick.

6. Get A New Job

In case you’d realised you were getting burnt up excessively and seem to dwindle in inspiration, you could need some break from the job. It may not be toxic but anything that makes you dull and unhappy shouldn’t be tolerated.

If you love your job and still want to keep it, cool. It’s okay, but if you can do without it, then gets a better job. You are young and have a promising future.

7. Learn To Say Yes/No

Your boss makes demands on stuffs that are beyond your competency and you know you aren’t pretty smart at it, don’t layup silly jobs you know you might end up screwing up for yourself. Learning to say no could prevent future embarrassment.

On the other hand, learn to say yes when you need to and no when necessary. You have your rights.

8. Live Abroad

At this age the only thing on your mind is your future and dreams. Living outside your hometown or country could help you focus more on achieving those goals and seeing the vast possibilities that are laid up for you.

9. Start Up Something

You are a unique creature; you have huge amounts of potentials that are waiting to be tapped. Why not build yourself, self development is the real game. Build yourself, start up something for yourself. Become that person you so badly wish to be.

10. Go On A Road Trip

You can’t only be so serious about your career and fail to give yourself those moments that soothe the soul. Go somewhere, could be a solo trip to the Safari, or a road trip to one of those amazing cities you have never visited before.

11. Visit Your Parents

You could drop by the departmental store and pick up some niceties for them. They would really appreciate that.

12. Buy Something Expensive For Yourself

You’ve worked hard all your life, it’s time to give yourself the luxury you couldn’t afford some years back.  Buy yourself something expensive, something you’ve never had before. You could get yourself a car of the latest NTF niceties.

13. Get A Makeover

Before the year began I had this on my bucket list. I was going to look nerdy (and that’s my look for the year). It’s pretty amazing how you can become someone else with just some cutting off of parts of your hairs or tinting or just changing your wardrobe.

14. Eat At An Expensive Restaurant

What have you been saving up for? Have some fun as you eat at least once at an unusually exquisite restaurant you’ve only gazed at but never dared to try out.

15. Start Planning For Your Future

The future isn’t tomorrow, it begins today. Think of how you want the next five years of your life to look like and start making plans for that.

16. Start Saving

If you have the habit of lavishing salary and tips on some irrelevant goods, you might want to reconsider the next time you want to purchase that negligee you might never wear for the rest of your life.

17. Forgive And Let Go

It’s easy to carry the grudges of the last years and the pains along with you, but these things make your hearts heavy and sad. It’s time to let go. Go free yourself.

18. Throw Yourself A Party

Who’s in for some dancing? Is going to be your twenty seventh birthday, c’mon, do something crazy. Have fun, throw yourself a party. Go out with friends and have your family members around, it’s warming.

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