55 Things To Do Before You Turn 5 | Age Facts You Need To Know

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Are you a parent and your child is about to hit five soon? Don’t you think they should go the way all kids went? I mean, they are tons of fun things kids at their age should do that will make childhood much more fun like play hide and seek, watch bonfire, watch fireworks outside the house, climb down the window etc.

As a kid who’s about to turn five soon wouldn’t it be amazing to take part in some really cool stuffs you’ve never tried out before? Well, except try the wrestlemania stunts. I can show you some moon raking stuffs that’ll leave you drooling even after your birthday is long over.

55 Things To Do Before Turning 5

  1. Catch A Dragon Fly Then Let It Go
  2. Go Fishing With A Hook
  3. Play Hide And Seek
  4. Watch Fireworks
  5. See Bonfire
  6. Try Your Hands At Gardening
  7. Go Camping
  8. See A Live Show
  9. Watch Your Favorite Team Play At The Olympics
  10. Stargaze
  11. Participate In A Play
  12. Watch Fireflies
  13. Catch The Snow With Your Tongue And Let It Settle
  14. Run On The Grass Barefoot
  15. Lie Down On The Grass
  16. Go Watch The Countryside With Your Parents
  17. Let Granny Tuck You Into Bed With A Scary Story
  18. Go On A Treasure Hunt
  19. Build A Tree House Or You’ll Wish You Did
  20. Have Picnic With Your Teddy Bear
  21. Climb A Tree
  22. Play ‘Pooh Sticks’
  23. Build An Insect House
  24. Watch Power Rangers Again
  25. Buy A Pet
  26. Learn To Ride A Bike
  27. Travel By Rail
  28. Paddle On The River
  29. Play With Shells And Pearls On The Sea Shore
  30. Build Sandcastles
  31. Investigate And Discover Life In Rock Pools
  32. Visit The Zoo
  33. Have Dinner With Friends
  34. Ifly
  35. Visit The Spa
  36. Paint
  37. Pick Wild Flowers
  38. Have A Picnic Outdoors Or Indoors With All Your Favourite Treats
  39. Hunt For Bugs
  40. Help Mom Prepare Breakfast
  41. Learn How To Snow Skate
  42. Go Hiking
  43. Pull Up Your Favorite Alter Ego
  44. Make A Snowman
  45. Build A Snowman Angel
  46. Read A Book In Your Tree House
  47. Have A Sleepover In Your Lair
  48. Make A Mud Pie
  49. Play In The Rain
  50. Chase Your Shadow On A Sunny Day
  51. Sleep In A Tent
  52. Lie Down On A Log Of Wood
  53. Go Blueberry Picking
  54. Join The Reading House
  55. Make Volcano In A Cup

You can make it even more fun by uploading some of the pictures of you achieving all of these on your social media handle.

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