9 Things To Do Before You Turn 15 | Age Facts You Need To Know

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At fourteen about to hit fifteen you’re so young and full of life, you can catch a glimpse of the future, bright and callio out to you. At this age, you’re equally plagued with lots of insecurities; you’re a young person, who’s met lots of other young people who are way better, smarter, prettier, richer, and more talented than you are.

It’s normal to feel insecure, we all did but you’ll need to overcome those fears so they don’t ruin your teenage life and make you grow up feeling like a loser because on the long run, you’ll chalk up your inability to achieve your dreams to something else or someone band ruin alot more.

There are lots of things to do before hitting fifteen, lots of fears and doubts to overcome if indeed you wish to live a fulfilled life and achieve your dreams. Nonetheless, I won’t be all shades of advice and stuff, we have ten lavished ideas of what you could do before hitting fifteen to make this birthday quite memorable.

1. Learn To Love Yourself

No matter how much others love you, it’s futile if you do not learn to love yourself and accepts you for who you are. Believe in yourself, you are capable, you are beautiful, handsome, unique, talented and what’s more, tell yourself the world would be incomplete without you. It shows you love yourself regardless of anything.

2. Make A Bucket List

This should include the stuff you wish to do as you age, the things you intend to do before you hit fifteen proper (though we’re making a list for you) and of course how you intend to celebrate your birthday.

3. Learn To Cook

You might need to act as a connosieur someday or cook for you and your younger siblings, why not learn now, so you don’t end up with roasted beacons.

4. Read 10 Books Before Your Birthday

I usually keep a list of books I hope to read before the month ends, you could try that. Visit the library; get a collection of books you could read for fun and to polish your vocabularies because you are growing into a man/woman.

5. Join Another Team

For so long you’ve fed from one plate, it’s time to taste the other dishes and know how they taste. You might be surprised how well you perform in other teams and you might find it beautiful.

6. Overcome Your Fears

You may be skinny, short, bald or maybe you have some congenital skin disease, it’s not bad. I have seen kids who were so scared of the dark or you loathed traveling by air overcome their fears as they aged.

You’re a big lad/laddie, you’ll be so grown in a short while, don’t let your fears deprive you of the joy and fulfillment of your glorious future. Smash that fear now.

7. Cook For Your Parents

What better way for a teenager to prove his/her love for their parents. I don’t know about your parents but my parents had me make a list of the things I needed and dished them all to me before my birthday.

8. Help Someone In Need

Kindness isn’t born out of plenty, it’s out of love. There are so many kids out there who know nothing of care and love, helping a kid cross the busy road or buying them lunch could mean so much, be kind to someone.

9. Visit The Spa With Either Of Your Parents

This will give you more time to get to know your parents better and let them in on your challenges as a young person.

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