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Youth Empowerment Fund Zambia Application Form 2022… Are you looking for a way to apply for Youth Empowerment Fund Zambia 2022? If yes, then this informative article is for you. You will be given detailed information about Youth Empowerment Fund Zambia, Eligibility and How To Apply.

In this article, you will learn about the online application, requirements, and qualifications. Interested applicants should follow the lead outline below for a successful application.

The Government of the Republic of Zambia has been undergoing a Youth Empowerment Fund Program annually for the past years. We’ve received numerous requests by aspirants on various platforms yearning for legit information about the Youth Empowerment Fund Zambia application form and guidelines for 2022-2023. Many applicants have been asking us questions like;

Keep reading this article as you will find answers to the above queries.

About Youth Empowerment Fund Zambia

The Government of the Republic of Zambia, through the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Child Development is implementing the Multisectoral Approach to Youth Empowerment Programme whose objective is to empower registered youth organizations/cooperatives /entrepreneurs through various youth empowerment programmes to enable them to contribute to sustainable national development.

The specific objectives are to:

  • Encourage the out-of-school, marginalized and unemployed youth to venture into sustainable and viable income-generating projects;
  • Promote the development of competitive, sustainable, and growth-oriented enterprises owned by the youth;
  • Provide business support services for sustainable youth enterprise development;
  • Create sustainable employment opportunities for young people through the various value chains; and
  • Promote innovation among the youth and provide financing of innovative ideas.

Mistake To Avoid While Applying For Youth Empowerment Fund Zambia

A lot of people fail in many applications not because they are not qualified, but because of numerous mistakes. So take note of the following:

  • Apply on time, do not wait for the deadline.
  • Do the application processes alone, don’t send anybody to avoid mistakes in your data
  • Keep yourself updated concerning the application
  • Make sure you supply all the necessary requirements
  • Take time to cross-check your details before submission.
  • Candidates are to apply for one job position, Candidates who attempt to apply multiple times will have their application disqualified
  • The online application is free.

IMPORTANT! The Youth Empowerment Fund Zambia does not require you to pay any money for its application form, it is highly prohibited and anyone demanding money from you in the form for quick entrance into the Youth Empowerment Fund Zambia should be reported, Youth Empowerment Fund Zambia is totally free.


  • Must be a Zambian citizen
  • Aged between 18 – 35 years
  • Must have a Green National Registration Card
  • Must have a legally registered business cooperative or enterprise
  • Must have a valid certificate of cooperative registration with PACRA.

NOTE: Projects to be considered for funding include the National Internship and Apprenticeship Programme; Timber and Honey Value Chain; Plastic Recycling Plants; Small Scale Mining; Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise; Resettlement of Youth in Youth Resettlement Schemes; Skills Development Programme; Youth Innovation Fund; Pave Zambia Youth Empowerment Programme; Youth Milling Plants; and Youth in the Transport Sector.

IMPORTANT! Currently, the Youth Empowerment Fund Zambia Application Form 2022 is not yet out online, DISREGARD any form of advert you come across. This page will be updated immediately after the form is out.

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  1. David Mtonga says:

    Thanks for the great information,.
    Do you give personal loans for a personal business so that a person can extend his or her business?

  2. David Mtonga says:

    In this youth empowerment does it have personal loans , which can make person to extend a business or to boost up a business?

  3. Prudence says:

    Do u give personal grants?

  4. Mooto says:

    Would you grant empowerment to one with a project plan, and not already existing business?

  5. Ephraim sakala says:

    were can we collect the application forms for the empowerment mentioned above

  6. Joseph Samson Mwanza says:

    Do you give person loans for those with already existing business in order to expand the business?

  7. Martha mulenga says:

    Do you give personal loan?


    when are the forms likely to be out. Do you receive personally drafted projected proposals

  9. Gowen says:

    Were do I get the form?

  10. Macks mazyopa says:

    Help me with this youth Empowerment found Zambia am running a small business

  11. Jonathan says:

    How does this work

  12. Mukuli zimana says:

    Would want to be part of youth empowerment fund but my business is small and not registered.

  13. Martin says:

    In pf government we applied and were even called to correct the errors up to now we have never been called again since August 2020

  14. peter says:

    when are the other application form for loans going to be out?

  15. Shadrick Mbaiwa says:

    Let’s go zambia

  16. Adam Siame says:

    I started from 2012, 2016 my file was approved but nothing came out 2021 same I called we had meetings at KASAMA girls school and I received an offer letter that any time I will receive the money nothing came out again. So what is your advice as the new government

  17. Lucky says:

    Would you grant empowerment to one with a project plan, and not already existing business?

  18. collins bwalya says:

    I’d like to more about youth empowerment i have a registerd company,registerd pacra,zra and bank account update me more

  19. Joseph Kawele says:

    What happens if a team of youths would want to undertake a mines heavy duty machine operator training & need financial assistance to undergo the respective trainings.
    Which funds are ideal for this purpose? Urgent feedback required

  20. Catherine Sikasote says:

    I want to start a small business so that I can help my family in thing like feeding and taking my little ones to school

  21. Martin says:

    I started this process long time ago this is now 4years they are still talking about youth empowerment and I have never received anything all the required documents were submitted up to now I have been calling to the government youth secretary but zero. Mwilatushinga cobra nga mwaisa mukulombe a vote if you think I’m lying my line is ever on how tell you everything nga niba MP Bena balileka no kutwasuka kwati tebaletutumina ama phone pangeni committee 0964718927 / 0777442208

  22. Haggai says:

    Mm I think I need this .now when approved you yet you have been received,will it require to return it back?

  23. Emmanuel Nzima says:

    can we still apply

  24. Maria Phiri says:

    As we did everything opening an account having a satificate but we haven’t received anything

  25. Peter Mwaanga says:

    We are doing honey project as a family, the project is fully registered under PACRA. Is it possible for us to apply for that empowerment?

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