27 Things To Do Before You Turn 28 | Age Facts You Need To Know

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Two decades plus eight, a lot of gracious age, you should have all the fun. A time to sit back and make adjustments where you need to before hitting the age actually.

Back then we thought of twenty-five; we should be married, have kids at twenty-eight, and be properly settled by thirty. I guess life doesn’t work that way but doesn’t make us failures, it means we are humans and some things are just out of our control.

If you’ve been wondering about what to do to make your 28th birthday a blast, I am sure some items might catch your fancy

1. Make A List Of The Things You Would Love To Achieve In Your New Age.

This way you’re already set to achieve so much.

2. Travel

Travels help soothe the heart. Discovering beautiful things about nature and some countries you knew absolutely nothing about is just another way to live.

3. Go Skydiving

Do this for the fun of it.

4. Write A Book OR Journal

This is one of the targets I have this year, I can’t wait to achieve it.

5. Take An Arts Class

I really need to learn to paint, I know it’s supposed to flow naturally but I believe people like us who suck at a painting can be given a chance to learn.

6. Get A New Job

If your job isn’t your dream job or doesn’t give you the benefits you need and you’ve landed something better, you should go for it.

7. Buy Yourself Something Expensive

You’ve worked so hard for it, you deserve a little Porsche.

8. Hike In A Snowy Mountain

Like on frozen, do something magical as you hike on the mountain top.

9. Start Yoga Class

Yoga doesn’t only help you meditate, it’s good for the health and spirit.

10. Go On A Solo Trip

You’re an adult, you can take care of yourself. Go somewhere fun and get familiar with the locals.

11. Cook A Foreign Dish

Beginning with mpoto mpoto could be a great start.

12. Spend Some Time With Your Family

It’s time to eat at a long table with family and friends like during Thanksgiving. The harmony of laughter was the heart.

13. Learn A New Language

Latin or Chinese, whichever you are enthusiastic about should be fun learning.

14. Go Horse Riding
15. Try Deep Sea Diving

If you’re lucky, you could make friends with mermaids like Sophia.

16. Gaze At The Star All Night

Enjoy the romantic view of the heavenly bodies.

17. Sing At A Karaoke

I can’t forget that night, I felt like Gabriella singing alongside Troy in High School Musicale

18. Do One Thing That Scares You

If you’re claustrophobic as I am, try staying in a confined space alone, it’s a good way to overcome your fears.

19. Find Your Niche If You Never Did And Be Good At It
20. Throw Yourself A Party
21. Go On A Social Media Detox

A little disappearance won’t hurt.

22. Learn To Play An Instrument
23. Give Yourself A Treat

Visit a spa or get a makeover. Look beautiful.

24. Start A New Course
25. Start Paying More Attention To Your Health
26. Buy Yourself A Car
27. Write Yourself A Note

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