20 Things To Do Before You Turn 30 | Age Facts You Need To Know

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As days turn into weeks, weeks to months and months to years, we are growing older and can’t get any younger. Sometimes we get so busy that we neglect the most essential things we should look out for, that’s adult life though, busy, insatiable.

Thirty is a big age, a bit far from twenty one and believe me, makes you want to cry when you realise the things you should have done which you never did, I know that feeling. You could take some time out to self reflect, and brew different strategies that can make help you achieve your goals and make you happier too.

Whether you are two days to your birthday or months or weeks, it’s time for a little change, routing on the same old routine will only bore you out, so we’ve made a list of few stuffs you could do to help make your 30th birthday special.

1. Go Site Seeing With Your Family

Extended family? Except you’re Mount Everest with cash, your parents and siblings are okay and if you’re married, you could go with your wife and kids, makes life fun.

2. Visit The Sahara

Exactly what I did before my twenty seventh birthday. You wouldn’t know the beauty of Africa till you’ve skimmed through the deserts and swamps of the continent.

3. Learn A New Language

Hawaii is good but Swahili is the game. Add a new skill to your new age.

4. Go Skinny Dipping

As opposed to swimming with a swimsuit or bikini, skinny dipping is totally crazy.

5. Sign Up For A Chase Race

You could run a marathon race or half, jog, walk but either ways, try something.

6. Learn To Cook A New Meal

YouTube videos make cooking new things interesting. Cooking is something you could learn just by watching some other person plus there are tons of meals you can’t cook so, why not emerge yourself in it.

7. Take A Solo Trip

Whether it’s in your state or your country, it’s a great way to listen and hear yourself think.

8. Learn A New Skill

Could be the polka dance, pottery, programming, it’s new, and it’s a skill

9. Throw Yourself A Birthday Party

I mean you are thirty, three decades on earth, celebrate yourself, it’s the juiciest thing to do.

10. Learn New Things About Your Country

They are vast knowledge about your country you might not be acquainted with, grab a newspaper, journal or surf the net, get to know your country more.

11. Become Politically Active

I see lots of young people get super interested in politics like they got live on their hairs, you may not be a fan but it would help you if you got to know the system governing your country.

12. Invest

While having fun and visiting places, do not fail to save up for the future. At thirty, you might not have people who would be willing to lend some help, so invest, so you don’t become toast.

13. Get Something You Always Wanted To Have

Could be that hair, or a drone or the computer game that’s always tickled your fancy, grab some of those, it won’t hurt.

14. Get Beth Insurance

This way, you are sure of no extra loading fee before you turn 32.

15. Date Someone Who Isn’t Your Spec

Funny huh? This way you get to understand the kinds of people we have and not just the conventional folks you are acquainted with.

16. Go Camping

Take yourself back to high school and college days, camping was fun especially when you make those werewolf noises.

17. Meditate

You might attain Nirvana somehow.

18. Volunteer For A Course

Sickle cell health and the rest of the medical courses could be a great start plus lots of folks are ignorant of their health issues.

19. Treat Your Coworkers To Dinner

This is a good idea way to bond.

20. Tip Someone

Could be a healthcare worker, someone at the gas station or the guy at the mall.

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