Current List 2023: Top 7 Highest Paying Jobs In Australia

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Australia is as a matter of fact one of the largest countries in the works though it is the smallest continent. It is located between the Pacific and the Indian Oceans. Australia might not be as technologically advanced as the United States but there are tons of jobs in Australia that can offer huge income and satisfaction.

From high school kids to college undergraduates and every other individual seeking a job in Australia there are always jobs to fill up as the saying, “there’s a moon for a lusty soldier.”

I have compiled a list of jobs with not just good pay but highest paying jobs in Australia below;

1. Neurosurgery

This is the highest paid profession in Australia owing to the number of years it gets to qualify. They earn an annual salary of $600,000 yearly.

What Do They Do?

Neurosurgeons are doctors that diagnose and treat conditions related to the brain, spine, and other parts of your nervous system.

To apply, you must have;

  • Completed a medical degree from an accredited university in the world.
  • Completed a year residency and received an invitation from the Royal Australasian College.

2. Surgeons

They receive $533, 518 yearly as salary. A surgeon is a medical doctor who in modern medicine performs surgery. Although there are different traditions in different times and places a Surgeon is able to remove diseased tissue or organs, repair body systems, or replace diseased organs with transplants.

The application process includes;

  • You must have completed a medical degree from an accredited university
  • You have three years of work experience in order to be employed.

3. Anaesthetists

They are responsible for administering pain relief drugs during surgery. They work alongside surgeons assisting them during surgery. They earn an annual income of $386, 065 per year.

To apply;

  • You must have completed a medical degree
  • You must have also completed a one-year residency.
  • Apply for the fellowship of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetics and also completed a five-year vocational training.

4. Internal Medicine Specialist

You will probably meet this category before any other specialist. In fact, they are the ones who refer you to specialists for further examination. They offer more medical guidance than they perform surgery. They are placed on an annual salary of $304,752 yearly.

To apply, you must;

  • Complete a medical degree in an accredited university
  • Complete a three-year internal medicine residency.
  • Complete a three-year training in adult internal medicine.
  • You will receive an invitation from the Royal Australian College of fellowship to apply.

5. Chief Technology Officer

With the current technology hitchhike, tech officers have become one of the most sought after in the market, and having a degree or being competent in this field puts you in high demand. Their annual salary is $300,000 yearly.

The application process is as follows;

  • Complete a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Technology and a related field
  • You must have work experience because it boosts your chances of getting the job.
  • Develop skills and you got it.

6. Chief Financial Officer

You need a record of your financial history and this category of people can help you keep tag accurately. Their annual salary is $280,000.

You can apply if;

  • You’ve completed a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Accounting or Finance.
  • You’ve completed a professional Public Accounting exam or attended any accredited MBA.
  • If you’ve also gained leadership experience.

7. Financial Dealer

They are saddled with the responsibility of buying and selling goods and offering securities for profit under their own name or company’s name. $275,984 is their annual salary.


  • You must have completed a Bachelor of Business in Accounting and Finance.
  • You must have completed a Bachelor of Business in Finance.
  • You must have received certification in Financial services.

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