Current List 2023: Top 15 Highest Paying Jobs In Canada

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Nice job, comfortable environment but there’s always a bigger catch that makes you want to stay, that makes you want to take the job and persevere against all odds.

Canada is home to good things, I wouldn’t call it a Paradise but maybe “near Paradise” would better describe it. With the amazing sites and landmarks, cost of living, quality education, and security wouldn’t you want to stay. I would and just so if you are deciding about moving to Canada and need more motivation to pull out, you got this.

Canada offers good job opportunities and better pay compared to other countries surrounding it. We have listed the fifteen highest paying jobs in Canada in 2022 and beyond, you might want to check it out.

1. Cardiologists Earn Up To $319,809 Yearly.

Cardiologists are responsible for taking care of heart-related illnesses. They have to make diagnoses and treat acute and chronic heart issues; they offer expert assistance in several hospitals and healthcare facilities.

2. Anesthesiologists Receive An Annual Income Of $316,623 Per Year.

Anesthesiologists take of patients during surgery, they work with surgeons to administer pain relief medicines to patients undergoing surgery.

3. Lawyers

This is one of the professionals that earn a lot yearly. Their annual income is estimated at $300,000 or more each year. The job description is more elaborate than the frequent verbal debate they carry out in courts.

4. Psychiatrists Get Up To $263,847 Every Year.

Psychiatrists study, diagnose, and treat mental problems and behavioral disorders. They need to have a wide knowledge of mental illnesses and offer means to treat them through the symptoms.

5. Physicians Earn $256,285 Yearly

Physicians or General Physicians take care of a wide range of health issues. Though the job of a Physician is quite broad, it is according to specialization thus it allows them time too to take care of personal needs.

6. Surgeon Earn $230,681 Annually

A surgeon is a medical doctor responsible for the surgery. He may have to dissect cuts and tissues to offer diagnosis and treat those ailments.

7. Orthodontists Receive An Estimated Income Rate Of $188,232

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that is concerned with treating misalignment of the tooth. They are focused on offering solutions to teeth-related health issues and curing teeth misalignment.

8. Chief Marketing Officer Earn $158,964 Yearly

They are ladled with overseeing the marketing strategy of the company they work at. They are responsible for designing competitive marketing strategies and initiating means to help the company advance.

9. Software Engineering Manager ($133,510)

Software Engineering managers do not only lead in developing mind-blowing software, they also assist in managing software and hardware applications. With the surge in technology, software engineering has become a juicy aspect of technology that employs amazing tech experts.

10. Director Of Information Technology ($117,021)

Directors of information technology play a pivoted role in several tech companies so their services cannot be overestimated. They assist in directing and overseeing the affairs handled by the information technology department of a company.

11. Software Architect

You know when an Architect has to design the interior and exterior look of a house, showing where and how some buildings should be erected in a plot, Software Architects design what writers would call the “element of surprise.” They design and pay attention to every element of a software program. They earn a yearly income of $109,021.

12. Enterprise Architect

With a yearly salary of $108,461, Enterprise Architect takes charge of the IT affairs in a company and further helps companies to upgrade their software and hardware products.

13. Pharmacist

The role of Pharmacists is without doubt one of the most important; they produce drugs that are consumed by patients and also administer medicines to patients paying attention to each detail and complaint described. They also administer treatments based on a doctor’s prescription and also render immunization shots when needed. A Pharmacist receives an annual income of $101,459.

14. Corporate Controller

They have to control the finances of a company to avoid liquidation. They are trusted with companies’ funds and ensure that the company or firm doesn’t spend on impulse nor exceed their budgets. A corporate controller earns $100,892 yearly.

15. Data Scientist

Data scientists do more than you think you know. Their job description involves collecting and analyzing digital data for companies, with the data collected, they also help companies make the right decisions that would help them grow. They offer educative guidelines on how to build a firm with the information sourced from either books, podcasts, or the internet. Data scientists earn a minimum of $84, 017 yearly.

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