Top 5 Best Countries for Undergraduate Studies in 2023/2024

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It is undeniable that studying abroad offers most students a different value of education and insight, coupled with massive loads of opportunities and privileges. Lots of parents would do all they can to make sure that their kids and wards study at one of the best schools in the world.

As we explore the list of best countries for undergraduate studies, you’ll understand why most individuals opt for the choices they choose, you’ll get to see that most of these countries have a wide list of courses to choose from, and this might help you a lot in making up your mind on which country to study at.

Best Countries for Undergraduate Studies

  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Germany
1. USA

A 2016-2017 Institute of International Education report stated that about 23.91% of the average 439,019 international students would prefer the US to any other country. Everyone believes the United States of America is the best country for undergraduate students to study at because of so many reasons which include:

  • Wide variety of courses to choose from.
  • Study work permit
  • Series of job opportunities right after school
  • State of the art facilities and seasoned lecturers.
  • The serene learning environment and eye-catching sites to visit.

Popular courses in US universities include; Engineering, Math and Computer Science, Business and Management, Physical and Life Sciences, Social Sciences, etc.

2. UK

The United Kingdom is another great country for undergraduate studies. The country is only receptive to foreigners, and is a home away from home, with lots of art artifacts to see and archeological landmarks to droop over.

To apply, students must have good 12th-grade scores and TOEFL/IELTS scores, among other things. However, you can choose from each universities range of courses including; Business and Management, Engineering, Physical and Life Sciences, Social Sciences, Fine and Applied Arts, etc.

3. Canada

We still came to this country again. Canada is placed number three in theist of best countries for undergraduate studies because of the massive troops of international students who prefer a university degree in this country to any other country in the world.

In 2017, universities in Canada admitted about 494,525 international students, and out of this number, about 25% were from India. To apply for any of these courses such as Engineering, Information Technology, Business Management, Pharmacy Technician, Hospitality Management, etc in Canadian universities, you must have a 12th-grade score and TOEFL/IELTS score, among other things.

4. Australia

Again, we arrived in Australia. Is it just me or something barks “quality” when we mention the standard of education in this country? Australia isn’t only renowned for exciting landmarks and wildlife, but education here is equally too notch, the more reason it is one of the best countries for international studies.

International students can apply to any university in Australia for different courses including Business and Management, Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Health Professions, Social Sciences, etc. However, to be considered eligible, you must have a good 12th-grade score and IELTS/TOEFL scores, among other things.

5. Germany

Germany may be last on our list doesn’t mean it’s the least. In fact, Germany offers so much more than education to international students studying in any of its universities. So while studying, you could also earn some bucks to keep for the cruise.

You could apply for different courses such as Engineering, Business and Management, Humanities, Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Physical and Life Sciences, etc in any university in Germany, but you will need an excellent 12 score as well as language proficiency test scores.

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