Why You Should Become a Teacher

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It is quite unfortunate that a lot of people don’t know what teaching is all about. Do you think that teaching is something that is only done in the classroom? Yes, it is quite true that many people think it is only done in class.

Have you ever been in a place where there is a conversation? What do you think brings about the conversation?

People do argue on things they don’t have much idea about but because they want to learn, the will bring such topics to your doorstep or even in an open arena, so that people will educate them with genuine information which probably the conversation will turn out to be teaching.

Now, do you understand why I said that teaching is not something that is only done in class? Everybody is a teacher despite the fact that it is in stages.

Why You Should Become a Teacher

There are levels in which a person, who is not disciplined in that field, will stop but for someone who has been in that field, will try to make things clear to you even if he has no idea about that. But even if with that all are called “Teachers”

This is why I have to tell you everything about teaching. Who is a Teacher, Types of Teachers and also Who you Are?

A teacher is someone whose primary objective is to teach, educate a person or group of people on a particular profession or discipline.

Types of Teachers

  • Certification Teachers
  • Non-certification Teachers

Certification Teachers are those ones who are disciplined in the field of teaching. They have their certificates which they acquire from an institution such as the university, polytechnics, and even colleges.

Non-certification Teachers are those who are not disciplined in the field of teaching but they have knowledge about teaching.

This type of teacher doesn’t really have what it takes to offer to students or people because they don’t have the quality of a teacher in them.

Who are You

Yes, answer me, who are you? This is what you should ask yourself. Are you the kind of person that everybody always teaches? Which type of teacher can someone classify you into?

Are you the certification or Non-certification teachers which always start a conversation in other to have an idea of something?

Though everybody is a teacher not all are qualified. Being a teacher does not just end in teaching what some else has taught you, which you equally use that to boost as if you are a qualified teacher.

Come on friend, stop deceiving yourself because one day you will see that teaching job and be looking for a way to escape. Let people that are qualified do their jobs because it is their hobby.

Teaching is sweet when you know the strategies on how to make your students enjoy their studies. It is often boring when teachers do not know how to manage their students when teaching because it is not something that should be done all day.

At least, when teaching, try to make the class fun for the students. By doing this, the will definitely enjoy their studies. Try to be a friendly teacher which your students will like talking to. Some students feel afraid to talk to their teachers because they are not friendly to them.

Make friends with your students, try to ask them some necessary questions like what do like about me, do you enjoy my studies, do you have a question to ask, do you understand my previous teaching.

And also try to figure out how your students are doing because an unhealthy student can’t be lively, which the health of that particular student can affect others.

Students like things to be explained in simple terms. So, stop spitting out grammar as if you are in a grammatical school because even in a grammatical school grammar itself is not allowed.

Be the kind of teacher that every student will like to become and stop teachers’ pets. Don’t hate any students and love the other because that particular student will hate you too which definitely you are creating havoc in your class.

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Planning to become a teacher is quite an amazing idea. Making that great decision today definitely means you have a great plan for humanity. Helping people understand what they are looking for is quite encouraging.

You can be the person to make them understand that teaching is a great profession. Even with the fact that teaching is a profession a lot of teachers do take it as a born gift.

Making life easy for people with your teaching is a great achievement. People will always remember you because you laid a great legacy for them.

Do you know the joy that follows when something is been given to you free of charge? This is exactly what teachers do.

They will eat from home and spend their energy, just for a student to understand that thing that was bordering them.

It is quite interesting. So what is your plan now? Will you become a teacher? Or are you still saying No? Stop it, because I am still a rendering guide for you which will definitely help you become a teacher.

Don’t just see this job as a stressful one because great benefits await you. Do you believe that teachers are the most respected people in the world?

If this profession is the most respected, how would you define your position in the world? Do you know teachers are the ones that produce President and Ministers?

These are people were taught to become who they are today in society. So you too can produce the next President and Minister when you make teaching your culture.

How do I mean to make teaching your culture? It simply means you should keep on practicing the necessary criteria to become a good teacher which everybody will like to learn from your skills.

Becoming a teacher does not just end in teaching. It helps you guide people on what to do in other to become a successful individual in society.

The teacher played a very vital role in society because if people were running away from teaching, who would be the one to teach you?

Why can’t you make a decision today that you will also teach some other person in other to become more successful than you? I know you would love to be a medical doctor or a lawyer.

These are good professions, but teachers have the most respect because all these professions are outstanding through a good foundation that is built by a teacher.

Its high time you make that decision today so that you can change the life of our generation unborn.


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