Why Do I Need A Personal Timetable As A Student?

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Seriously, why do you need a personal timetable? You might think that having a personal timetable is not mandatory. But, I will boldly tell you that, having your personal timetable as a student is the best thing you can give to yourself because you will achieve a lot through it.

This is the very reason why you see some students doing more than others in terms of having good grades in examination and tests. As a student, you need to be prepared all the time.

Don’t always like having time for things that can’t add value to your life. Focus on your studies and make reading your hobby. Being a failure in school is a shameful thing because you know what to do as a student.

Why Do I Need A Personal Timetable As A Student

Why do you allow ignorance to ruin your life? Do you believe, if you start now to plan for the future that you will succeed?

What are you good at doing? What are your weaknesses? Are you a shy type?

There are people who fail to discover their selves because they are not committed to their work. When you are committed to your work, you have a passion for it.

When you are passionate about what you are doing, you will be creative, when you are creative you will be productive when you are productive, truly you are successful.

Do you find it difficult doing that particular thing you wish to do? Do not be discouraged, keep on trying. Surely, you will find yourself doing it gradually and eventually become an expert in no time.

Why are you shy? Who is going to beat you? Don’t always feel shy when you want to do something because you are causing a very big problem for yourself.

Don’t care about the caliber of people that are your audience but just believe in yourself that you can do it. Never, feel discouraged when you are about to do something because it weakens your courage.

Just feel free to say anything you have in mind because people are listening to what you will say. But when you are scared your voice will automatically change and you will misbehave without even having control of yourself anymore.

So it is better you always believe in yourself, that no matter the place you find yourself, you will always make people proud of you.

This is a great way of advertising yourself to the world through your performance. If you make a good performance on any public occasion, that means you are creating a big opportunity for yourself because people will know you through your excellent performance.

I know some are saying “even if he preaches from now till next year” I will still feel shy standing in public. Don’t say that because I will change you for the better.

Do you know that the most enjoyable profession is to become a public speaker? This alone comes with satisfaction because you have been able to impact people’s life positively.

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It is a great achievement because it not an easy task to be able to stand in a crowd and express yourself without fear or any other act. Before you are called to give any public speech on any occasion, that means you are capable of.

As a student, you need to study hard to achieve your aim.

Many of my audience have even forgotten about the topic of the content. Is it True or False? 95% are saying true because the content has taken a new dimension.

Yes, because I want you to understand something before knowing why you should have a personal timetable.

It is not all about having a personal timetable but how you are delegated to your studies. A lot of students have their personal timetable but yet, still, fail awfully in the examination.

So what will you say is the cause? What matters in this aspect is how you are able to study your books in a particular duration according to your timetable.

I always like reading in a serene environment. Don’t ever try to read your book whenever you are tired because you won’t achieve anything.

Stop deceiving yourself by saying “I like reading in a noisy environment” because it helps me to understand fast. Understand what? What are you even lamenting? Do you hear yourself well at all? Come on, reading in a noisy environment is nothing but a waste of time.

You won’t be able to read anything because your eyes will make you focus on things that are not important at that moment until your mind is carried out and when you realized you were reading, you won’t have the courage to continue it anymore.

At this point for instance, if you were to have an examination the next day, what will you do? Some are saying, I will read in the night while some are saying, I will read before the start examination.

But do you know that if you are not strong enough, you won’t be able to read at night due to how sleepy you will feel when you pick up your book to read?

Then, if you plan to read before the examination begins that means your own is the worst because you will forget everything when you enter the examination hall, if not careful you can forget your name at the process because your brain is not steady.

Rushing over your book thinking you are reading is a clear proof that you will fail. Why not take your time to study by having a personal timetable.

Why You Need a Personal Timetable as a Student

1. To Study Hard

Having a personal timetable is a clear explanation of how you want your results to look. It enables you to study your books because you will schedule everything at your own comfort.

2. It Reduces Brain Storming Stress

A lot of people find it difficult to read because they don’t know which book they should read at a particular time. With this now, some will end up not reading anymore because their brain is stressed-up and at the process, you will feel sleepy.

Taking your studies serious is a great way to success. Don’t allow anything hinders you from studying your book because success comes with joy while failure comes with sadness.

It is better you make a decision today because your future lies in your hand.

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