Things to Consider While Preparing for a Public Speech

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It will be a thing of disgrace if you are not prepared for a public speech. This is why you see some people looking so confused when they are called to give a speech because when you are not fully prepared you won’t have anything to say.

But, if I may ask; what makes you not to be prepared?

I know you will give so many excuses which will not help in any way. As a serious individual, there are things you need to let go in order to focus on important issues.

Don’t always give an excuse whenever you are asked to do something because if you do, it weakens your ability to speak.

Be courageous always, so that you will have the boldness to complete any task that is assigned to you. Have you ever been to a place where people are called to give a speech?

What was your experience? Was it a good or bad experience? Mine was a funny experience. But why was it so?

Though I am not trying to mock at the person, I just want to share the experience with you.

I was invited as a guest on an occasion in which a lot of dignitaries were there. So after they had finished everything, it was time for fun which was indifferent phases like public speech, drama presentation, and song.

When it was time for public speech, wow! Things change automatically. Those that were supposed to give speech were afraid of the crowd.

After the first and second public speaker had finished giving their speech, the third speaker was called to deliver his own speech.

The way the third speaker walked into the podium was amazing because everybody was thinking that he will give the best speech ever, but deep inside the speaker’s mind is frightened because of the crowd.

No doubt, he actually started well. But when fear engulfed him was when people were really staring at him because he gave an interesting speech.

When people started clapping and shouting, the speaker lost control automatically and people were thinking it was part of the speech as freestyle, but it wasn’t.

The speaker was quiet for some minutes and what makes people notice that there was something wrong somewhere was when his hands and legs were shaking seriously as someone suffering from lamanla virus.

At that point, all that he had to say had gone like a wild wind to the air and what was left with him was the microphone, himself and the fear, so he decided to put an end to the fear by telling the audience “Thank You” and he left.

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Everybody was shocked and to my greatest surprise, tension also engulfed the audience and they couldn’t clap for his performance. Though, it was a hilarious experience for the entire audience.

The reason why I brought out this story was to enlighten you on what to do whenever you have a public speech.

Don’t always be afraid of anybody because fear limits a man.

According to the above story you read, it does not mean that the third speaker wasn’t prepared but what he lacked was the courage.

This is the same thing a lot of us are facing today. Many of us have the knowledge to speak but what we lack is the boldness to stand in the crowd to express ourselves.

Do you know why you always feel scared whenever you want to give a public speech?

It is not because you don’t have what to say or you were not prepared. But the reason why things turn out to be the way you see it is because you allow your mind to focus on the audience forgetting why you are on the podium.

When you allow your eyeballs to be in contact with your audience especially if your parent, friends, and relatives were there, you will lose courage when you look them because your mind at that point will ask you lots of questions like what if you can’t speak what you rehearsed at home before your parent, how will they treat you after this occasion?

Your mind will also ask you “Have you seen your friend Kelvin? And when you look at him, he will smile that may bring more fear to you.

The funniest one is that your mind can tempt you so badly with questions like “How do you see that girl at the right corner of the building with red attire, she is really looking at you.

And when you turn your eyeballs it will go straight in contact with the person your mind told you and you will lose attention automatically and what you wanted to say will just escape your brain within a second.

So it is advisable not to think of who your audience is and the position they have in society because if you do, it will influence you negatively.

Everybody has their own role to play on any occasion, so focus on what brought you and not who you see because if you succeed there will celebrate you but if you fail, you will not be celebrated.

Things to Consider While Preparing For A Public Speech.

  • Have a Good Sleep

It is obvious that a lot of people do forget to relax their brains because of the many projects they have at hand. But do you know that if you don’t relax your brain, you won’t be able to do anything because you feel lazy and depressed?

Try and have time for yourself by sleeping, having funs with friends and exercising yourself. This will help warm your brain for more work and also keep you fit for the necessary task.

  • Make a Positive Decision

Whatever you do in life if you don’t have a decision that means you don’t have a destination. Always be positive so that good things can locate you. Believe in yourself that you can do it if others have done it.

  • Be Yourself

This particular point might sound complicated to some people. How can you be yourself? Are you not the one that left the house without any duplicate? So why should you be yourself, when you want to speak? It is quite funny, but you will understand my point within a second.

To be yourself, simply means that you need to believe in your effort that you can do that particular thing you wish to do no matter what you will pass through or people around you will think or say. Always believe in yourself and stay focus.

  • Have a Good Points

It is better you bring out good and reasonable points in your speech because that is what your audience is interested in knowing which will surely make them stay calm and focus.

Any speech you make in public has a particular person that it will touch and that person can become a multi-billionaire because of your speech.

  • Relax, Don’t Rush.

When giving a public speech, don’t ever try to speak fast because you will end up making noise. Relax and speak like a professional even if you are not.

There is how you will express yourself and it will look as if you know what you are doing. So always relax, when giving a speech.

  • Give a Captivating Summary

Your summary determines how you want your audience to applaud you. When you give a captivating summary, certainly, people will stand up for you because you have given them what the were looking for.


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