Top 10 Holiday Movies Of All Time You Can Stream Right Now

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Hula! It’ll be that season of the year again, I can already feel the tossing wave heralding the breeze of festivity. Aside the usual “Best of Christmas” by Bonny M (for fellas who are into songs of the 90s), Mariah Carey’s Christmas songs or the ornamental trees that hang on the front porch, there’s just the air of festivity you don’t feel at any other time, not during Halloween, nor snake day, it’s just a Christmas feel.

Top 10 Holiday Movies Of All Time

To make your holiday as festive as can be, we’ve compiled top ten hottest Christmas movies of all times. This is like having everyone assemble at Madison square for a dance, you’ll shoot your eyes with wonder, laughter and thrill.

1. Krampus 

Who loves horror-comedy combo? Especially if it’s a Christmas movie, it’s asking for a scratch from the devil, it’s crazy. This movie is based on the Alpine legend, Krampus who only comes out before Christmas to punish the naughty.  Directed by director Michael Dougherty, this folklore inspired drama will leave you thrilled, scared and laughing so loud.

2. Jingle All The Way

This 1996 movie opens up on a workaholic father, Howard played by Schwarzenegger who must get a Turboman doll for his son Jamie (Jake Lloyd) or Christmas or maybe the planet will come crashing down.

3. Black Christmas (1974)

This drama is about a murderer running at a sorority holiday party but trust me, it’s not your usual gun in the air, or death dreading movie, it’s a sarcastic slash of comic, action, suspense and yes, Christmas.

4. The Night Before

The Night Before features Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anthony Mackie as Rogen’s childhood buddies who reunite every year for a drug splashed, frenzy holiday celebration, buts adults will have also have some gag of melancholy to discuss.

5. Christmas Evil (1980)

Chrismas Evil tells the story of a toy factory employee that might just be a little bit relatable to you if you tried it. You know how 1980s movies spilled surreal comedy with actions and romance but this is a different kind of movie that has lived on through time.

6. Happiest Season (2020)

We love it when out home girl Kristen Stewart appears on our screen and she does appears in Happiest season starring as Abby, a girl who’s madly in love with her girlfriend, Harper played by Mackenzie Davis and intends to propose to her over Christmas but Harper can’t come public yet because her father is running for mayor and Abby has to play along but for how long?

7. Almost Christmas (2016)

Almost Christmas is a parody of dreamed that unfolds in our different homes, it might not be your number pick but it sure does hammers on the frequent family bickerings, hate and love. Which is just what you and your family need for the holiday.

8. Home Alone

I can’t count the number of times I have stayed up late at night to see this series for the hundredth and twentieth time, it’s just one ageless drama. I saw it as a child, now my kids are seeing it too. Just something about movies that can never grow old. Which with episode you see, the Kevin’s know how to keep you pinned to your seat till the end of the drama.

9. We’re No Angels (1955)

I was intrigued by the name at first till I saw the movie. Humphrey Bogart, Aldo Ray, and Peter Ustinov take the movie a notch higher with their classic performance. This movie exposes the lives of three jail break outs who escape three days from jail only to face the turmoil of life outside jail.

10. Tangerine (2015)

Sin-Dee Rella (Kitana Kiki Rodriguez) and Alexandra (Mya Taylor) are always involved in a sort of dissipating motion each day which is centered on a Hollywood donut shop that makes Quentin Tarantino’s head burn. Its final scene is the main course meaning the starting scene is a trailer.

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