Top 10 Christmas Movies On Netflix 2022 You Can Stream Right Now

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Ready to spend Christmas with some rapture of laughter? That’s possible when you decide to wrestle the festive season with a movie marathon. I hate cold nights, I hate it more when I’m bored out of my wit, and it drives me nuts. However, things don’t always have to follow the same plain pattern, not the regular status quo, let’s add a little spark to the Christmas fun.

Good thing Netflix came nigh on time to save the planet from the wrenching quietness and sadness that accompanies Christmas nights when everyone’s visited and left and you’re all alone. Call me over on those nights, we’d run the marathon together especially since I got the top ten Christmas movies you would die to watch on Netflix.

Top 10 Christmas Movies On Netflix

If Santa doesn’t visit this Christmas then we might be our own Santa speering around the house as we see Christmas movies and having the most of our lives with the following top ten Christmas movies on Netflix.

1. Let It Snow

Not to be confused with “Let it shine.” Let it snow is about some group of young people trying to figure out their paths in life and means to solve their respective problems. I warn you, it’ll make your year up other than that, it’s a movie full of love and optimism, just what Christmas is about.

2. Klaus

How I loved this movie! This movie tells the story of Klaus who lost his way after the death of his wife but found his way with his new friend Jesper, and began making toys again, for the kids he never had. This movie will put a smile across your face amidst the tears this Christmas, go see it.

3. The Christmas Chronicles

The Christmas Chronicles explore the story of two siblings, Kate and Teddy Pierce who goes for broke to capture Santa on camera but soon become part of something big and end up saving the holiday for everyone else.

The second series, The Christmas Chronicles (2) features Kurt Russel as Santa stealing the show and making you ask for more.

4. Holidate

Just Emma Roberts, Luke Bracey, Kristin and Chenoweth starring again, blessing our screen with their pretty faces in this fantastic drama. Holidate tells the story of two adults plagued by a common problem, their family asking for their better half. These two meet up at a store’s return counter and soon realize they both share the same problem so decide to help each other through. However, they soon realize something else growing between them. A perfect Christmas movie for those who believe love still happens.

5. Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey (2020)

Set up in a world of magic and mystery, Jingle Jangle is a story that explores the life of a toymaker from Cobbleton who is quite popular for his fancy inventions till one of his truest apprentice steal one his most prized creations that flips things up. Find out who savaged the story.

6. The Princess Switch

My favorite girl does the twiny stuffs in The Princess Switch, Switched again (the second series) which was released in 2020 and the recently released third series, Romancing the stars. It’s just Vanessa Hudgen’s thing to try to snatch the plot from our very eyes. This movie puts you on the edge but still manages to give your the royal Christmas feel you need.

7. The Holiday

The Holiday portrays the lives of two ladies, Amanda and Iris swapping their house on holidays out of sheer frustration, then try to overcome their struggles and find help as they move through life. The movie talks about finding love at the lowest stage of life.

8. How The Grinch Stole Christmas

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is the story of Grinch a green creature whose disliked for his mean and haughty behavior but who later discovers the true meaning of Christmas in a soft magical way. This movie is the perfect fit for a haughty fella, I’m sure they will learn the significance big Christmas seeing this movie.

9. Holiday In The Wild

Holiday in The Wild is the story of a heartbroken woman named Kate, whose husband ends their marriage as their son leaves for college. Out of frustration, she leaves for Zambia and we see alot of twist of fate take place. Find out how she was able to overcome her challenges as a woman in this emotion packed movie.

10. The Claus Family

After Jules Claus’s father’s death, he decides he doesn’t want to do anything with the festival so while his mother fends for the family, he spends more of his time at his grandfather’s toy shop. He finds a magic snow globe in the toy shop that has the power to take him to the farthest ends of the earth to unravel secrets about his family history he was oblivious to.

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