Top 12 Best Beauty Colleges In Nairobi As Of 2023 [You Need To Know]

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Best Beauty Colleges In Nairobi 2023… Are you looking for the best beauty colleges in Nairobi? If yes, then this informative article is for you. You will be given detailed information about the Top 12 Best Beauty Colleges In Nairobi As Of 2023.

Like in other major cities globally, there are many fashion institutions in Kenyan urban centres. These institutions offer a wide range of courses from hair styling to manicure and pedicure. Anyone who wants to own a beauty business or to work in this industry can benefit from taking lessons at these institutions.

List Of The Best Beauty Colleges In Nairobi

There are many beauty colleges in Nairobi. However, only a small percentage of them are popular. From these, only a few are worth recommending to anyone looking to improve their knowledge in this niche. These are the best hairdressing and beauty colleges in Nairobi based on their teaching styles, programs, popularity, and employability of graduates.

1. School of Hair and Beauty — NIBS Technical College

When NIBS reinvented itself from a business-centered institution to a technical college, it expanded the School of Hair and Beauty to become one of its key departments. Currently, the technical college offers training in nail technology, hairdressing, massage, beauty therapy, and cosmetology.

While regular lectures are vital in understanding beauty concepts, NIBS has different facilities for practical lessons. Also, the college has trained and licensed instructors and lecturers with relevant experience in the beauty industry.

NIBS College is also one of the few beauty colleges in Nairobi CBD training students on how to run businesses. Although there is a huge demand for beauty professionals in Kenya, the college understands the importance of self-employment.

2. Alison Caroline Institute

Alison Caroline Institute is a registered beauty college by the Ministry of Education. All the programs also meet the ministry’s criteria and therefore, graduates can work both in Kenya and overseas. As part of the ministry’s requirements, Alison Caroline Institute has entrepreneurship courses for students that may be interested in self-employment.

Located at Muthaiga Shopping Center, the college has international partners such as ITEC, CIDESCO, and CIBTAC. The three bodies help in harmonising the college’s curriculum to international standards.

Alison Caroline Institute instructors and tutors are qualified and active beauty professionals in Nairobi. Their approach to teaching is based on industry demands. Also, the college has a beauty parlour, where students interact with real clients.

3. Beauty Point College

Beauty Point College is a registered technical institute in Nairobi. As the name suggests, the college only teaches beauty-related courses. Therefore the school has better and more modern structures, classroom designs, and practical facilities that give students a perfect orientation to the industry.

Beauty Point College has partners in the beauty industry. The partnerships allow students to work in modern salons in Nairobi and therefore acquire more skills. Also, the school has a beauty parlor, which is run by students but with the guidance of qualified instructors.

Located at Beaver House, Tom Mboya Street, the institution is one of the most accessible beauty colleges in Nairobi. The location allows the students to work in other private beauty parlours within the city and therefore earn more skills.

4. Vera Beauty College

Established in 1998, Vera Beauty College has redefined the training of beauty professionals in Kenya. The college has different departments for different programs. Offering various training programs across different schools allows the college to give students continuous exposure to different areas of their studies.

Vera Beauty College has certificates and advanced diploma modes of study. Therefore, the institution is one of the first hair and beauty colleges in Nairobi to provide a clear path for students that may want to pursue advanced studies in this fast-growing niche.

As a TVET-approved college, Vera Beauty College has modern facilities for students pursuing different programs. Also, the institution works with several high-end salons to give students industry experience, especially considering beauty courses are technical.

5. Ashleys Hair and Beauty Academy

Ashleys Hair and Beauty Academy is a private college with four campuses across the country. Located at Lyric House, the Town Training Centre equips the students with the latest knowledge in the world of beauty. Also, the college has busy salons and modern parlors, where students interact with customers as part of learning.

As a new college, Ashleys Beauty Academy has different courses for different students. For example, Ashleys is one of the leading colleges in Nairobi offering beauty therapy both at diploma and certificate levels. Also, the college offers nail technology and hairdressing as main courses.

Contrary to most private colleges’ approach to fee structures, Ashley’s Hair and Beauty Academy is affordable. The harmonisation of school fees has given students from all backgrounds a chance to study in this world-class beauty college.

6. Azizi Hair and Beauty College

Located at 27 Koinange Street, Azizi Hair and Beauty College is one of the fastest-growing beauty schools in Kenya. The college is ideal for students looking for a unique and fun learning environment in Nairobi.

Apart from Azizi’s contemporary approach to teaching hairdressing and beauty therapy courses, it gives students a chance to interact with clients. The real-world exposure helps the students to establish a footing in the competitive beauty industry.

Also, the college offers both international and customized-local courses. The blending of international courses and local-inspired learning models gives students a head start in the job market. Qualified students from the institution can work in Kenya or abroad.

7. Lintons College of Beauty

Unlike most institutions training beauty students, Lintons College of Beauty is run by a beauty company. The approach to teaching beauty courses is, therefore different and unique. For example, all the courses have entrepreneurship and management modules for students that may be interested in running a beauty entity.

While Lintons College of Beauty emphasizes solo practices, it gives its students a chance to work in any of its salons around East and Central Africa. On the application form, you must indicate whether you want to work with Lintons or work as a freelancer.

The last important reason why Lintons College is an ideal beauty academy is its choice of its partners. The high-end beauty brands are an opening for beauty graduates interested in the high-budget beauty industry.

8. Carenic College

Carenic College is an institution devoted to training students to work in an ever-changing industry. The programs also borrow aspects from some of the most advanced beauty industries such as the USA.

While the college has all types of beauty courses, Carenic College primarily targets students interested in cosmetics and hairdressing. Hairdressers and cosmetic professionals are on-demand, both in Kenya and across the world.

Apart from equipping students with beauty knowledge, the college has entrepreneurship courses. The courses are vital for graduates that may be interested in starting businesses or managing already existing salon parlours.

9. Eman Makeup Academy

Eman Makeup Academy is a makeup academy based in Nairobi. The college targets students interested in learning bridal, special effects, and stage makeup techniques. The learning modules are short, and on average, a course can take eight (8) weeks.

The college is run by Eman Makeup, and therefore, students intern in one of the busiest fashion companies in Kenya. For example, the students work in bridal makeup gigs, TV productions, and other related fields and therefore acquire more skills.

Apart from training students, Eman Makeup Academy offers refresher courses in makeup. These programs are ideal for professionals that may be interested in polishing up their skills or mastering new trends in makeup.

10. East Africa Institute of Certified Studies

The East Africa Institute of Certified Studies has diverse beauty and hairdressing courses. While the beauty department is one of the smallest in the college, it has modern facilities similar to the ones used in professional parlors.

The tutors and instructors are practicing professionals in the beauty industry. Therefore, East Africa ICS gives the learner relevant skills applicable in the real world.

In addition to the quality of education and tutors, the college has a traditional school setting. Therefore, the students can join clubs, socialize and make friends from other departments within the college setting.

11. Phoina Beauty Academy

Phoina Beauty Academy offers customized learning to students interested in beauty and fashion. While the college only has shorter programs, they are all skills-based. Also, regardless of the program, the students interact with clients, and this approach gives students a soft landing in the job market.

Apart from regular tutor-student interactions, Phoina Beauty Academy has special classes for professionals interested in sharpening their skills. Dubbed Phoina Masterclass, the programs teach new make-up techniques and salon management. Also, the program teaches salon owners how to use social media to get more clients.

12. Shears and Nippers School of Hair and Beauty

Shears and Nippers School of Hair and Beauty is a fast-growing institution in terms of programs and student population. Also, the college’s facilities are modern and therefore give students more exposure in this niche.

The college offers diploma and certificate courses in cosmetology and beauty therapy. Since the programs are skills-centered, the college is a perfect option for people interested in working in high-end salon parlors.

Enrolling at Shears and Nippers School also helps the students to interact with real beauty clients. Since all the practical classes are done in the college’s salon parlors, they also learn how to communicate with clients.

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