20 Things To Do Before You Turn 40 | Age Facts You Need To Know

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There’s no such thing as fool at forty. Why would you tag yourself as a fool simply because you couldn’t attain societal standard at forty? It’s dumb, people have their time zone and well, even if you missed out on yours, it’s late but never too late to start something.

Birthdays are amazing moments where you self reflect, get thankful for the journey thus far, how far you’ve hustled to the position you’re at and the next step ahead, what you wish to achieve and how much better you wish to become.

Things To Do Before You Turn 40

But getting all serious isn’t just much fun, I love to be serious but a little time to crack up wouldn’t hurt, would it? Check out these bucket lists and make a pick of which ones you might love to try before the big forty.

1. Go Hunting

Haa, did I tell you hunting helps mend a broken heart (I got that lie from Arthur Pendragon), not just plain ass hunting, hunting with target, with games in mind. Most folks just go into the woods for nothing.

I remember hunting with Meg, and yes, it was cool. We stole a large Antilocapra americana from it’s predator (cool huh). I know you’d think it was savage, but we left the predator to find another prey.

2. Immerse Yours In A Culture You’re Unfamiliar With

The caption says it all. I read about the Mole and Dagbon people of Ghana or Xhosa of South Africa, could be a wonderful culture to sneak on, plus Africa is an incredulous place to visit.

3. Visit The Safari In Tanzania

Formidable landmarks in Tanzania you’d find. I love the view from Mount Kilimanjaro and the Kalahari. It’s like staring at the heavens from another part of heaven, it’s magical. Just what a young oldie needs.

4. Build A Snowman

Remember that song? Do you wanna build the snowman? From Frozen? Just from memories, I’m sure there’s alot to reminisce and be thankful for.

5. Go Dive With Dolphins

How enthralling diving alongside those cute sea friends, dolphins are pretty cool from an elevated view but swimming along with them and reaching closer to them is even more thrilling.

6. Road Trip

If you’re like my bestfriend who’d been stuck all his life in Wyoming, then you might want to try a road trip or if you’re a little nauseous with air trips and have crazy jet lag then reconsider a road trip. It’s amazing and fun plus lots of inspiration for your next work.

7. Explore The Benagil Caves In Algarve, Portugal

No matter how much you’ve explored the universe, it’s never complete till you’ve seen the Benagil caves.

8. Try Hot Balloon

This reminds me of the flying carpet of Jasmine and Alladin, nothing can be more magical than flying on top of heads in a hot balloon.

9. Do Something You’ve Never Done Before

Most adults have done so much but there may be few stuffs you’ve never done before like sponsoring child tuition for the semester or paying the hospital bill of an older person. This is service to humanity.

10. Learn To Paddle A Boat

Haaaaaa, adventurous, I must say. Gives you that Isle of the blessed vibe, ancient path of the wise.

11. Try Navigating A Drone

Crazy, pictures are amazing especially when shot from above. A drone can make pictures even more attractive and think about watching the globe from up there but with a drone, what a genius.

12. Self Reflect

I’m pretty sure this is the whole point of birthdays, self reflection. That day gives you a bit of a time to question the life you’ve lived so far and how much you have impacted the people around you.

13. Let Someone Know You Care

Lana once told Superman, “You can’t save everyone” but you could save the ones nearest to you. Could be going grocery shopping for the old lady at the corner or mowing the lawn, it’s never forgotten.

14. Attend A Yoga Class

What better way to get all things in one, stay fit while meditating. Yoga helps with alot and if you’re the reserve kind of person, who enjoys solitude, the journey through the veil is what you need.

15. Go Hiking

This is one of my favorite sports. I’m a boring type, so i prefer chess to soccer so I’d do with hiking but trust me, it’s fun sports.

16. Spend More Time With Your Family

No where seems warmer like dé familià. In case you’ve been all busy and had less time for the kids and your extended family, you might want to drive this opportunity to drive round town with your family.

17. Try Korean Spicy Chicken With Sushi

Aigoo! This is best at the warmth of the night, with the breezy evening as it flaps your hair on your head. Sushi is a drink you will get addicted to plus the spice chicken, it’s one hell of a meal.

18. Sleep In A Tent

High school and college days are days we always look back at and smile. Reliving those moments makes life more memorable.

19. Visit Old Friends

Tough days and times are made easy with good friends. Share a bottle of beer as you sit next to a friend, you do not necessarily need to say something, just enjoy their presence.

20. Listen To Old Songs

The 90s had good songs that mad the heart race like a race drivers’, relive those happy moments, remind the world of the things that once existed.

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