Companies Offering Software Engineering Apprenticeship In UK

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The advent of science and technology has given birth to new breeds of technological expertise that offer services smartly. Software engineers are trained to apply the principles of software engineering to design, create, develop, maintain, test, and evaluate computer software.

Some of the works of a Software engineer include; computer language programming and coding, software testing, debugging, OOD, database management, etc. This is one of the soft skills that is making a thunderous waves in society today and major companies in the world are offering apprenticeship programs to assist individuals with a burning passion to become Software engineers.

How Long Do I Study As A Software Engineering Apprentice

The duration of this software developer apprenticeship is typically 12 months, with a 3-month window for the end-point assessment. In the first twelve months of the programme, apprentices will develop their web development skills in the workplace and build a portfolio of evidence demonstrating their capabilities.

Companies Offering Software Engineering Apprenticeship In the UK

1. Multiverse

This is one of the popular companies that are equipping apprentices in software engineering all over the globe. Their program points to the best sphere of computer science degrees that include both theoretical knowledge and critical thinking.

At the end of the training, apprentices should be braced with the knowledge and skills required in the software development environment and should be able to work anywhere on the project portfolio in the program.

DURATION: 15 months

PRICE: Free tuition


Most qualifications have a difficulty level. There are 9 qualification levels. The higher the level, the more difficult the qualification is.

QUALIFICATION: Apprenticeship

2. Amazon

Amazon runs an apprenticeship program all over the world but also across Europe and the UK for software apprentice enthusiasts amongst six programs, the rest include Reliability Maintenance Engineering (RME), Information Technology (IT), Fashion and Marketing, or Operations.

3. Barclays

The Barclays Bank offers apprenticeship programs for two levels across the UK and the US.

The Foundation Apprenticeships are designed for students who have finished their GCSEs (in the UK) or have a high school diploma (in the US). The Higher Apprenticeship Program is for those who have A-levels or equivalent qualifications. You can expect to work across three different verticals, Operations, Technology, or Functions.

Other companies in the UK that accept Software engineering apprentices include:

  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • L.P
  • J.P. Morgan
  • Accenture

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