RE5 Exam Dates 2021: Registration, Questions, Cost, Course & More

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RE5 Exam Dates 2021… Are you looking for RE5 Exam Dates 2021? If yes, then this informative article is for you. You will be given detailed information about RE5 Exam Dates 2021, Registration, Questions, Cost, Course & More.

You might be hearing about the RE5 and even its exams but you don’t know the people that are eligible to take the exams or the function of the exams. Well, you will get detailed information about RE5 and more here.

What Is The RE5 Exam?

This is a type of examination that is been taken by representatives offering financial services to individuals or companies in South Africa. The Financial Services Board (FSB) specifies who should take the RE5 exams.

I know you would like to know the type of people that are eligible to take the RE5 Exam. This RE5 Exam is not for everyone but for the selected people in a particular field of study.

If you provide financial services in a subordinate position that does not need any financial judgment, you may be excluded from taking the exam. The people who are excluded from taking the examination are those that offer legal, technical, clerical, accounting, administrative, and other services offered at a subsidiary level.

NOTE: The RE5 examination is a Level One examination, which means that its questions are not industry-specific. Individuals can also pursue the RE1 examination, which is intended for Key Individuals, and the RE3, which should be taken by the license category two candidates.

The RE5 Exam Questions

The examination setting pattern is the same for all the regulatory exams, and the questions are rarely repeated. The RE5 examination papers will never be the same because they are generated from a question bank found in computer systems. So, you need to be fully prepared before going to write the exams.

How Is The RE5 Examination Structured?

You may not know how the exams are been structure because this might be your first time planning to write the exams. But, this article will give you detailed information about how the exams are structured.

The examination has four sections, as shown below. Attending RE5 workshops provided by different institutions such as Moonstone will help you know all the sections.

  1. The Knowledge Section: This section is meant to test the student’s factual knowledge and is also the easiest.
  2. The Comprehension Section: It looks at your understanding and interpretation of factual details.
  3. The Application Section: This part looks into your ability to apply factual information to daily activities.
  4. The Analysis Section: This level looks at your ability to analyze available details so that you can come up with a proper course of action. This section is more complicated than the other parts, so it needs adequate preparation.

Where Can You Study The RE5 Course?

You have the choice of accessing the RE5 qualification through online courses or attending workshops in institutions that offer regulatory exams courses. One such school is the MBSE (Moonstone Business School of Excellence).

Apart from the Moonstone RE5 course, you will also find other Moonstone courses meant for the training and development of financial services professionals. You can also find the RE5 workshops at Integrity Academy and other institutions. The RE5 workshops take up to two days or more.

Where Do You Register For The RE5 Exams?

Moonstone is a famous center for RE5 exam registration in South Africa. There are other centers where you will get to register. You can also get registration assistance when you attend RE5 workshops. You need the following documents for you to register for Representative Exam 5.

  • Valid identification or passport number
  • Contact information
  • Professional information
  • FSP number

The RE5 Examination Dates And Venue 2021

The previous examination dates have been revised due to the outbreak of Covid-19 in South Africa. All students are required to visit the Moonstone website for clear updates on the venue and examination dates.

What Is The Cost Of The RE5 Exams?

The cost of the RE5 examination is regulated and set by the FSB (Financial Services Board) in the country. You are required to pay around R1,226 to sit for one exam. Re-examinations will also cost you the same amount of fees. Those attending the RE5 workshops will incur other costs for registration, the printed study guide, among other services offered during the workshops.

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