Top 8+ Most Marketable Diploma Courses In Kenya 2022

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Are you looking for the best Diploma Courses to study in Kenya? If yes, then this informative article is for you. The system of Education in Kenya requires students who have completed their secondary school studies to proceed to tertiary institutions like colleges and universities.

As a result, high school students receive application forms for the courses they would wish to study as soon as they finish.

It is important for these students to know the best marketable diploma courses in Kenya before they can settle on one or two options from the over 100 diploma courses that the colleges offer.

This will help them overcome frustrations for lack of employment once they graduate.

Most Marketable Diploma Courses In Kenya

1. Diploma in Medicine

A medical diploma also ranks among the best marketable diploma courses in Kenya. This is because of the high demand for experts in this field locally and internationally. In fact, public hospitals have experienced a shortage of nurses in the recent past, and the government is still looking for the best way to curb this situation. Graduates from Kenya Medical Training College are considered the best and get a well-paying job as soon as they leave college.

2. Diploma in Mass Media and Journalism

Mass media remains among the top competitive courses in Kenyan being an innovative and dynamic field. The media is changing at a high rate and more clients are earnestly seeking the services of mass communication and journalism professionals. While it is true that this industry is crowded, it is also true that its competitiveness is still fair as the hard work and talent of the professional determine how far they get along this career path.

3. Diploma in Project Management

This course fits well in the list of diploma courses in Kenya that are marketable as it enables the students to acquire skills to collect and analyze data, design projects, conduct research, and analyze data. In most instances, graduates with a diploma in project management or monitoring and evaluation can easily find a job opportunity in NGOs. Most government-registered colleges have included it in the list of the courses that they offer.

4. Diploma in Civil and Electrical Engineering

Civil and electrical engineering have emerged to be among the most marketable diploma courses in Kenya and across the world due to the ever-increasing demand. Practically, almost all other industries including automotive, media, real estate, media, and aerospace require engineers. With a diploma in any of these fields, you are sure to pocket at least Ksh.40,000 per month.

5. Diploma in Front Office Management

There will always be the need for customer care agents in every front office though this field is thought to be flooded. Large conglomerates and small-scale institutions can succeed or fail to depend on the qualifications of the person sitting at the customer reception desk. Hence, they will consider hiring someone who has majored in this area. Colleges offering this marketable diploma course in Kenya are found in almost all the major towns and cities in the country.

6. Diploma in Finance and Accounting

Every industry will always require financial experts and accountants to be effective. It is no surprise, therefore, that diploma in accounting or finance is ranked among the top marketable diploma courses in Kenya. This high demand has led to the uprising of the best colleges to meet this high demand through the provision of necessary facilities and equipment that make the graduates land a job even before they earn their diplomas.

7. Diploma in Graphic Design and Web Design

In the present world of social media, every business and individual is striving to get an Internet presence. The Internet is now where people from all walks of life meet to exchange ideas, do business, and expand their social network. Hence, having skills in designing and maintain websites makes you the most demanded and rich expert in Kenya and the world over. Graphic design is also a marketable diploma course in Kenya since companies engage professional graphic designers in creating brand designs, business cards, and marketing tools.

8. Diploma in Supply Chain and Procurement

This course prepares students to become key decision-makers in the organizations they will work in. As a fast-growing profession in Kenya, supply chain and procurement plays a crucial role in ensuring that the organization seamlessly achieves its objectives.

Which are the most marketable diploma courses in Kenya? Well, this question has disturbed thousands of students who have completed their high school and do not want to pick a course just for the sake of studying. The world is moving too fast for one to waste two or three years pursuing a diploma course that is no longer relevant in the job market. The above eight marketable diploma courses in Kenya should be given the top priority to avoid regrets and frustrations after leaving college.

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