Top 7 Most In-demand Tech Job In 2023 [You Need To Know]

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Let’s face it, tech is taking over the world and with the advent of artificial intelligence, it only gets better. If you look into the latest job postings, you’ll realize 9 out of 10 jobs promise vacancies for tech this or tech that, do you now understand where am heading?

It’s funny how professionals from other fields of study are spiraling to understudy any tech course because they know that’s the hottest, at the moment, that’s what’s paying, maybe in the next five years, everything would have gone technological and if you’re still doubting the efficacy of this statement then ask around.

Top 7 Most In-demand Tech Job In 2023

You can however find your feet in the tech world, thanks to certificate programs and boot camps organized by different organizations, from there, you could build your path and stand where you’ve been planted. The most in-demand tech jobs you should look forward to in 2023 include the following:

1. Information Security Analyst

Maybe the first person that comes to your mind when you hear Information Security Analyst is Kevin Mitnick, you too can build your career on this path.

Information Security Analysts keep companies’ data safe and impenetrable from hackers and leaks. They Channel their energy and resource into designing and implementing security systems, patches and tests.

As it stands now, a handful of information security jobs are opening at the moment and dozens are expected to open up in a few years making the sector one of the hottest and most competitive if not the hottest already.

The salary of an average Information Security Analyst is about €28,000-€72,000 in Europe, MXN $285,000-MXN$630,000 in Latin America, and $81,000-$105,000 in the US.

2. Software Engineer

This is one of the most frequently sought-after roles in the tech industry. Software Engineers design and create software, and now nearly all organizations are setting up boot camps to train software engineers to band web developers for the future.

The average salary of a Software Engineer in Europe is €33,000-€67,000 and $84,000-$122,000 in the US.

3. Web Designer (UX/UI)

Web UX and UI designers design user research, layouts, mockups, and testing websites and apps. This field is speculated to grow to 31% in years to come and is becoming one of the key skills anyone should have now. A Web Designers Salary is about $64,000-$83,000 and Europe: €32,000-€65,000.

4. Data Scientist

Data Scientists help companies keep collected data safe, and translate huge data into digestible and actionable insights. Different companies are in search of Data Scientists making it a job for the future with the annual salary at $81,000-$104,000 in the US, €35,000-€68,000 in Europe, and MXN $378,000-MXN$525,000 in Latin America.

Data scientists design modeling data, create algorithms and analyze data to make it more comprehensible.

5. Web3 Developer

Web 3 is a decentralized peer-to-peer network built on blockchain and makes use of tokens and cryptocurrency and is kind of different from the centralized version of the internet web 2. Web 3 is one of the fastest growing tech jobs of the future and developers who are skilled at smart contracts are in high demand at the moment as this job seems to be taking over the world.

6. Product Manager

Product Managers have their jobs cut out for them as they offer keys to growing companies all over the world. The best part about product management is that it employs knowledge from a vast number of disciplines focusing its energy on launching new product careers.

The salary of an average Product Manager in Europe is €40,000-€69,000, MXN$630,000-MXN$800,000 in Latin America, and $106,000-$120,000 in the US. Product managers bridge the gap between business, data, UX, sales, and marketing.

7. Digital Marketer

Although Digital marketers may not be considered a tech job, however, other roles in the tech industry may stay unknown without digital marketers. These set of people play massive roles in introducing a new design to the world via social media platforms, and websites and the business seems to be growing faster than it looks.

They make use of creative, analytical skills along with tech knowledge to build brand awareness all over the net. The salary of a Digital Marketer in Europe is €38,000-€60,000 and $55,000-$76,000 in the US.

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