List Of 75+ Low Cost Business Ideas With High Profit In 2022/2023

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I’m not sure anyone flips into business for the fun of it; the aim is always to make a profit. You have limited capital and you wish to start up a miniature which you hope should bloom into hurricane business in a few years.

There are millions of low-cost businesses you could startup and expect huge income in no time. They usually include some low-budget ideas you wouldn’t in your wildest dreams imagine would hatch such massive profit.

Most of these businesses demand purchasing some equipment and might take a little while before you begin reaping the fruits of your harvest.

List Of 75+ Low Cost Business Ideas With High Profit

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Virtual Assistant Service
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Online Influencer Service
  5. Digital Marketing
  6. Business Consulting
  7. Ebook Sales
  8. Blogging
  9. Podcasting
  10. YouTube Video Creation
  11. Membership Website Development
  12. Copywriting
  13. Resume Service
  14. Online Course Sales
  15. Product Sales
  16. Web Design
  17. App Development
  18. IT Support
  19. Ecommerce Reselling
  20. Product Licensing
  21. Real Estate Brokering
  22. Bookkeeping
  23. Tax Prep
  24. Translating
  25. Stock Photo Sales
  26. Event Photography
  27. Meal Planning
  28. Personal Training
  29. Event Planning
  30. Vacation Rentals Business
  31. Property Management
  32. Home and Office Cleaning
  33. Car Detailing
  34. Catering
  35. Food Truck Operation
  36. Home Remodeling
  37. Landscaping
  38. Handyman Service
  39. Recycling Service
  40. Electronics Repair Service
  41. Refurbished Electronics Sales
  42. In-Home Senior Care
  43. Pet Sitting
  44. Child Care
  45. Test Prep Service
  46. Life Coaching
  47. Call Center Operation
  48. Travel Planning Service
  49. Tour Guide Service
  50. Teaching & Consulting Businesses
  51. Acting Classes
  52. Art Consulting Business
  53. Art Lessons Business
  54. Relationship Coaching Business
  55. Home Tutoring Business
  56. Personal Training Business
  57. Nutritionist/Health Coaching
  58. Online Dating Consulting Business
  59. Career Coaching Business
  60. Project Management Consulting Business
  61. Test Prep Business
  62. eBay Business
  63. Etsy Business
  64. Social Media Marketing Business
  65. Data Entry Business
  66. Writing & Editing Businesses
  67. Proofreading Business
  68. Graphic designing business
  69. 3D Printing Design Business
  70. Photo Editing Business
  71. Print Shop
  72. Candle Making Business
  73. Soap Making Business
  74. Furniture Upcycling Business
  75. Bonsai Tree Business
  76. Lifestyle Businesses
  77. Personal Shopper Service
  78. Personal Styling Business
  79. Fashion Consulting Business.

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