How To Prepare An Appropriate IT Resume Template

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Do you find it difficult in preparing an appropriate IT Resume Template? If yes, then this informative article is for you.

An Information technology resume has to be created bearing in mind certain critical aspects. The only reason is the ever-changing technology and its application in a variety of business models & situations. Here are a few important tips to build an effective IT resume.

Elements Of An Effective IT Resume Template

Positions for IT professionals include computer engineers, developers, and scientists. These job positions are complex, therefore the candidate needs to explain his technical expertise in a detailed manner.

How To Prepare An Appropriate IT Resume Template

Important elements of high impact IT resume template include career objective, a summary of qualifications, technical expertise, professional experience, education, and contact details.

Technical Expertise

The core section of an IT resume template is the “technical expertise” section. The information highlighted in this section separates an IT resume from a standard resume template. You need to enlist your technical expertise here.

Additionally, it also includes the technologies you are familiar with. This may include an elaborate list of software programming languages, frameworks, concepts, and operating systems.

Professional Experience

Mention the designation held and projects executed successfully in several companies you served earlier. It’s essential to state your role in the previous organizations briefly. Also, describe the functions performed that helped to the company to improve productivity and efficiency.

These functions may include managing software development projects, configuration and providing technical support, designing network security architecture, and many more.


List your educational background and degrees attained in the education section. Projects completed during graduation and notable achievements relevant to the post applied can be stated here. Also, highlight your professional affiliations and memberships.

Contact Details

A candidate shall highlight his contact information at the beginning of the resume template. The contact information includes the applicant’s name, postal address, phone number, and email address. This will help the prospective employer to contact the applicant via phone or email.

Career Objective

Do mention your career objective pertaining to the information technology profession. This would explain your vision and passion for the IT profession.

Sample IT Resume Template 2

An IT resume emphasizes the technical skillset of the candidate. It is, therefore, of prime importance to highlight your technical skills at the beginning of the resume.

Jeff King

123 Union City Rd,

Union City, NJ

Phone: (712) 123456

Cell no.: (984) 4789822

Objective: Seeking a software developer position that will hone my technical skills and contribute to the company’s success.

Computer Skills:

Languages: HTML, CSS, XML, PHP, ASP.NET, JavaScript, Visual Basic, C, C+ +

Databases: MS-Access, SQL server 2008

Operating Systems: Windows Server 2008 and UNIX

Software: MS Visual Studio, Adobe Photoshop, Windows NT 4.0, MS Office, MS Visual Studio


PQR Finance, Caldwell, NJ, Dec 2004 to present

Software Engineer
  • Responsible for developing XYZ.NET application tools and other website tools
  • Led a team of 07 members to develop an product meant for finance professionals
  • Worked with several web scripting languages and SQL server to develop product
  • Coordinated with the marketing team to acquire customer feedback for the development of web applications
  • The designed research area of a web-based application tool that facilitates users to customize their search

DEF State Medical, Livingston, NJ, 2003- 2004

Student Intern

Hands-on experience in maintaining databases and records of patients

  • Maintained database of patients using MS Access
  • Gathered and entered the billing information of patients

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B.S. degree in Computer Science, Newark, NJ 2001 to 2004

Major: software development

GPA: 3.8

State University of New Jersey.

Sample IT Resume Template 3

A Computer Science graduate seeking a job as a software engineer needs to create a professional resume. The technical skillset carries major importance in an IT resume. Hence, computer/technical skills need to be highlighted in an IT resume.

Jennifer Carter

889 North Street,

Marshalltown, IA 15014

Phone: (123) 9852634

Objective: To obtain a position that utilizes my potential as a software engineer

Computer Skills:

Languages: C, C+ +, (X) HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Visual Basic, XML, ASP.NET

Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OSX and UNIX

Databases: MS-Access, SQL server 2008

Software: MS Visual Studio, Windows NT 4.0, MS Office, MS Visual Studio

Hardware: Installation of SIMM chips, hard disks, motherboards and printer configurations


ABC Systems, Eldora, IA, 2006 to present

<>Systems Developer

  • Responsible for transferring an extensive FilePro database to MS Access with the help of macros and VBA.
  • Assisted in-house staff by troubleshooting PC and UNIX related problems
  • Maintained and updated the MS Access database for the marketing department

LMN Systems Inc., Johnston, IA, 2005 to 2006

Support Engineer
  • Assisted in the creation and testing of new software and troubleshoot operating systems related problems
  • Debugging program bugs and modifying programs with advancements
  • Providing prompt technical support to in-house staff

Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, – Des Moines, IA, May 2005

Major: Computer Programming and Analysis

GPA: 3.8

University of Iowa

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