List of Accredited Indian Schools in Sharjah – Top 8 Best Ratings

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Are you looking for the best Indian Schools in Sharjah? If yes, then this informative article is for you. Sharjah has a growing Indian population. The reason behind this is its family-friendly attitude towards expatriates and especially to Indians. Cultural and creative similarities between the two countries (India and UAE) make the bond h2er. The increasing populace of Indians in the emirate is because of the ex-pats residing there and their requirements of their children to study in Indian atmosphere schools.

Catering to this Indian population in Sharjah, numerous Indian schools in Sharjah have emerged and have transformed to be excellent educational institutions for the Indian and local population in Sharjah. The following are some of the best Indian schools in Sharjah.

1. Sharjah Indian School

As a landmark of Indo-UAE friendship, Sharjah Indian school was established in 1979. During its foundation, SIS started as a secondary school with 13 teachers and 280 students. As days passed, today the institution holds it’s head high and counted as one of the best Indian schools in Sharjah with 588 teachers and 13,937 students.

Affiliated to CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), India, SIS is also licensed and approved by the Education Department under the Ministry of Education, UAE. Academic education is a must but the school emphasizes on physical, mental, social, intellectual, aesthetic and moral development of the students too.

Inaugurated on the 5th day of September 1973, the school is owned and managed by the Indian Association, Sharjah. Special care is taken about equal opportunity and freedom for all, respect for religious and moral values in the school along with English, Mathematics, General Knowledge, Art & Craft, Music, and Games. Sincere and supportive growth with a flavor of togetherness makes the school different from other Indian schools in Sharjah.

2. Delhi Private School

In the year 2000, Delhi private school, Sharjah started its journey with 146 students. Over the years DPSS has been a pioneer in delivering education to the students of Sharjah. Following the CBS E curriculum, with an affiliation to CBSE, New Delhi, DPSS has crossed milestones showing towards the path of a healthy adulthood for children from KG to the 12th standard. Not only in academics but Delhi Private School has also shown pathways to students towards extracurricular activities like sports and games.

DPSS is included among the best Indian schools in Sharjah because of its micro and macro educational paradigm. The core content consists of 6 Cs that comprise of Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Culture, and Connectivity. These encompass the micro approach.

The macro approach consists of the 5 focuses, AIDA and finally the matrix framework. The 5 focuses are pursuing passion cantering on strength, challenging the best, fearless performance, and possible judgment. AIDA is nothing but Aquire, Impart, Develop, and Assess. Finally the matrix framework circles around the student’s metaphor which is a complete scientific approach towards the intellectual development of a child’s mind.

Following the CBSE curriculum of education, the school concentrates on the pastoral wellbeings of its students that include interactions with parents, tutorial systems, discipline (school assembly), house system (Community approach), encouraging core values to name a few. ‘People’ as believed by DPSS ‘are the asset of any nation and education with proper guidance can build noble people who will lead others.

3. Sharjah Ambassador School

‘Nurturing ambassadors of tomorrow’ is the keyword for the Sharjah Ambassador School. SAS has a reputation of having a fruitful experience in education services across India and the Middle East and the majority of the students who pass out from the school get opportunities to do under-graduation and graduation programs in top colleges and universities in USA, UK, and Australia. Established in 2010, the students of the school have been receiving ambitious academic education and have become confident enough to try for overseas universities and colleges for further studies.

SAS is one of the best Indian schools in Sharjah for that reason. The latest facilities of the campus encompass academic education and help the students to excel in their individual fields. All the KG classes have sand and green play areas.

The CCTV monitored campus has yoga studio, dance studio, music studio, language-mathematics-science labs, audio-visual presentation rooms, physics-chemistry-biology labs, library, cafeteria, covered play areas, table tennis rooms at the indoors and cricket nets, soccer field, basketball court, badminton court, swimming pool at the outdoors.

The multipurpose halls encourage students to perform theatres as SAS believes, theatre is necessary as it makes students find out who they are and discover who they will be in the future. SAS believes in revealing the real world of education to the students as by doing so they will contribute in a meaningful way to society.

4. ASPAM Indian International School

The ASPAM Indian International School was founded in 2013 and believes in giving a unique platform to students who dare to experiment with new thoughts and ideas, engaging themselves in inventive projects and acquire knowledge through various learning activities.

ASPAM received the Indywood Educational Excellence award for educational leadership and imaginative approach in developing students according to the society’s needs.

To build the imaginative and creative minds of students, the school conducts various co-scholastic activities that include art, craft, music, performing arts, physical education, and work education. The creative minds of the students need a bridge to express their thoughts and feelings.

Colors, textures, shapes of different objects (in KG) and music and theatre increase the multi-sensory thought process (in primary, middle and senior classes). Along with the creative exercises, physical education, and work education add value to their upbringings. ASPAM is definitely one of the best Indian schools in Sharjah because of its belief in facilitating a holistic growth of students making them believe to be active participants to build a better world.

5. New Indian Model School

New Indian Model School is one of the best Indian schools in Sharjah that follows the CBSE curriculum. Founded in 1982, NIMS caters to the rational, physical and spiritual growth of young boys and girls from KG to Higher Secondary. Proper measures are taken so that children can groom their innate talents and for that certain facilities are provided to them.

For the kiddies at the kindergarten, there is a dedicated kindergarten play area that consists of sandpits and kids play zones that include see-saws, climbing nets, and ropes, the rumpus room containing the role-play and puppet show corners, workstations that encourage DIY (do it yourself) activities, and the reading corner that encourage the little ones to develop reading habits at a very tender age.

The specialized kindergarten section of the school makes it different from other Indian schools in Sharjah. The primary and the secondary sections of the school have advanced computer labs, biology-chemistry-physics labs, library, basketball court, and art room. The prayer hall and clinic add value to the image of the school.

The school transport takes full responsibility for a student’s safe passage to and from school to the residence. NIMS promise to build confident and lifelong learners who explore the best of their abilities.

6. Emirates National School

The mission of Emirates national school is to equip, enlighten, enrich and empower its pupils to positively impact the world. Affiliated to the CBSE board, ENS is one of the best Indian schools in Sharjah (KG to Class 12) that commit to deliver a holistic approach towards learning for its students so that education becomes a lifelong process for them.

The various departments of the school include computer science, English, Hindi, Islamic studies, mathematics, science, social studies, and value education. The school encourages co-curricular activities along with textbook academics and that includes the film society, science club, nurturing arts and crafts, literally club and the quiz club.

Commuting to the school and back from home for the students is an easy task because of the 35+ school buses the school owns. Emirates national school is such an institution that not only teaches but honors its students who practice excellence, hard work, discipline, piety, and honesty.

7. Gems Millennium School

Gems millennium school is a CBSE school that provides a brilliantly exciting learning environment that is hands-on, involving, and enjoyable for the students. Pastoral care is a vital element in the learning journey that provides emotional, social and spiritual support to the students.

The expert and highly qualified teaching and non-teaching staffs of the school add value to it. GEMS Millennium School is set within a large and modern campus that is fully equipped with the latest and modern facilities. The sports facilities of the school make it one of the best Indian schools in Sharjah. The state of the art campus includes roller-skating arena, table tennis, swimming pool, shot-put arena, long jump pit, cricket nets, badminton courts, football field, volleyball court, basketball courts to name a few.

Extra-curricular activities are considered at par with academic education in GMS. The school believes in a solid partnership among students, staff and parents as such a bond can only make the students to be confident and highly successful individuals.

8. The Indian Academy

The Indian Academy is one of the best Indian schools in Sharjah that follows the CBSE curriculum. TIA nurtures the instinctive talent of every child by ensuring that they enjoy their journey towards Academic Excellence in Scholastic and Co-Scholastic areas. The Indian academy has a futuristic approach towards its students and management and the resources it provides for its students definitely signify that.

Established in 2014, the CCTV surveilled vast signature-styled campus includes an open outdoor stage, ample space for the bus bay, organic gardens, basketball court, FIFA specifies football ground, MOE (Ministry of Education) approved SEN (Special Educational Needs) department, indoor auditorium, student counseling center, E-learning gateway, library, art-maths-science-ICT labs, classrooms with audio-visual aids, art-music rooms to name a few.

TIA encourages students to participate in various co-curricular activities coupling with academic accomplishments so that they can pursue their intellectual pursuits.

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