How To Join The Royal Australian Navy In 2024

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The Royal Australian Navy is a part of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) along with the Australian Army and Royal Australian Air Force and is the main naval force of Australia fighting and winning at sea.

The navy has been a wonderful means of service to the country and the Royal Australian Navy is a special force that has kept the balance of the country and its neighboring countries at bay. This force is open to all Australian citizens who meet the following criteria.

Eligibility Requirements

  • You need to be an Australian citizen to serve in the Navy.
  • You must be at least 17 years old to apply. You could however view the age requirement for your specified role on the list.
  • On background check and to achieve the minimum security clearance you must have lived in Australia or have a checkable background for the past ten years.
  • Passing the year 10 English and mathematics is the minimum entry-level requirement. View specific education requirements under the “Education and Experience” tab on your desired job page.
  • Some roles require that you hold a current license to perform your tasks like a trade, plant, or manual driver’s license.
  • You’ll need to pass a physical fitness test before you join, but we’ll give you some tips to help you prepare.

How To Apply

There are two methods of entry, the general method and the officer method. The general method is what we shall discuss below;

1. Apply online: You’ll need to provide the following details;

  • Personal details
  • Academic achievements
  • Job preference(s)

2. You’ll receive access to your candidate hub where you will need to complete your Supplementary Application Form which provides additional information relating to your education, work experience, hobbies, and other relevant experience to support your application.

You will need to upload your important documents such as your driver’s license, citizenship documents (including birth certificate and passport), and education documents.

You will also receive an email with a link to complete an online aptitude test which needs to be completed to ensure your application can be progressed.

3. You’ll have to attend a virtual Your Opportunity Unlimited (YOU) session at one of our local Defence Force Recruiting Centres. Due to the unfolding COVID-19 situation, we are now running this process virtually.

You’ll also need to do the following as  part of the virtual YOU Session;

  • Complete any outstanding forms from the Candidate Hub
  • Take an online aptitude test
  • Talk to a Careers Coach (via phone) about the service and role(s) you are considering
What To Prepare For Your YOU Session

In preparation for your YOU Session, log into your Candidate Hub and ensure you’ve completed the digital forms and uploaded copies of your relevant documentation.

You should upload the following documents into your Candidate Hub prior to your YOU Session:

  • Original or certified copy of your birth certificate or passport
  • Proof of citizenship or permanent residency
  • Proof of secondary and tertiary education records and results
  • If relevant, details of employment history and any trade qualifications

Call 13 19 02 for more details on how to prepare for your YOU session.

4. You’ll be invited for an assessment session. This assessment usually includes;

  • A medical assessment
  • A psychological interview
  • An ADF interview

5. You’ll need to attend officer selection if you’ve chosen an officer role. Here, the major skills that will be assessed include; leadership, teamwork, and other areas of potential.

6. Fitness Test

For the Pre-entry Fitness Assessment (PFA) you will need to show us you can:

Do sit-ups (feet held)

Complete one of the following timed cardio components:

2.4km Run

5km Walk

500m Swim

Shuttle Run

Fitness standards differ for selected age groups. Please refer to the Navy – Health and Fitness page for further details.

7. Attend Enlistment / Appointment Day

If successful, you’ll receive your official ADF job offer along with your joining instructions and this could be the beginning of the journey.

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