How To Join The Canadian Joint Operations Command In 2024

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The Canadian Joint Operations Command and the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command make up the two unified commands of the Canadian Armed Forces.

The CJOC anticipates and conducts Canadian Forces Operations in Canada, North America, and around the globe and is composed of a continental component that is made up of six regional joint task forces (JTF).

The Canadian Joint Operations Command is responsible for directing the Canadian Armed Forces missions.

The CJOC is made up of the following;

  • CAF task forces deployed on operations in Canada and North America
  • Six standing regional Joint Task Force Headquarters across Canada
  • A wide network of Canada’s support units, the Canadian Forces Joint Operational Support Group
  • CAF task forces deployed on operations in other countries
  • CJOC headquarters staff that plan and direct CAF operations.

CJOC is often assisted by the;

  • Joint Force Air Component Commander, based in Winnipeg
  • Maritime Component Commanders, located in Esquimalt and Halifax
  • 1st Canadian Division Headquarters, based in Kingston.

The CJOc might seem like a pretty minute enclave but it’s one of the most reputable units of the Canadian Armed Forces.


To join the CJOC, you must at least possess

  • Minimum of two years military service for Regular forces
  • Minimum three years’ military service for Reserve forces
  • Obtain security clearance
  • Obtain approval from the chain of command;
  • Complete Pre-Screening Physical Fitness Test (Section 3.2).
  • Pass the Canadian Special Operations examination.

How To Join

You can apply by uploading your documents on the CJOC official webpage or contacting the CJOC office to make enquires about when the application forms would be out.

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