How To Join A Football Academy OR Club In Ghana 2023

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Are you a football lover and you would love to join a football academy or club in Ghana? If yes, then this informative article is for you. You will be given detailed information about joining a football academy or club in Ghana.

Football has become a worldwide phenomenon and the most popular sport in the world. Therefore, the target of becoming a football player has become a popular choice even though it’s extremely hard to achieve. The journey to try to make it as a professional football player is one that many attempts, wanting to follow in the footpaths of their favourite football players.

The most common route to becoming a football player is through academy football. Most professional football clubs operate youth football academies to nurture young talent in the hope of creating the next Ronaldo or Messi.

Clubs invest in youth development as homegrown players are known to have a greater love for the club they play for and these players can save clubs millions in transfer fees.

Youth football has a number of levels starting with recreational, which is the type of football that might exist in a P.E. lesson or in the school playground where everyone regardless of ability is involved.

You then have grassroots football which can also have varying ability levels, however, grassroots football is organised and by choice with players and parents making the effort to be involved. It is the elite grassroots level of football that is the stepping stone into academy football at professional football clubs.

Some say it’s the work done at these grassroots youth football academies and football clubs that are the most important part of a young player’s journey to becoming a professional player. It is at this level of football where the foundations are laid.

It is where the young players firstly should be falling in love with the game and getting a passion to train and play football that will drive them to put in the effort to be the best they can be.  

What Is A Football Academy?

A football academy is a facility set up to develop young footballers.

It’s most often thought of as a training school to teach young players how to play football, to meet the club’s specific standard.

Most elite level football clubs in Ghana has an academy to produce players to:

  • Develop into first team players
  • Become a reserve or squad players

The minimum age for any child to join a football academy is 9 years old. This is a legal regulation, which all football clubs must adhere to. To get around these richer clubs, create a set of development programs that cater to younger groups of children.

These are less pressured and more focused on fun learning and play. Many coaches believe these sessions can prepare a young player for Academy life, however, it is also argued that children should emphasize more of playing and enjoying football at this age.

How Much Training Do Football Academy Students Endure?

Each football academy’s training will vary in time, intensity and philosophy. But a general football academy training syllabus will involve the following:

  • Football Academy Players train 2 times during the midweek, learning skills and techniques
  • On the weekend (normally a Sunday), Football Academy Players will play a football match against another academy team
  • Up to 28 football matches in any 1 season
  • Under-9s, 10s and 11s, matches are eight-a-side
  • Under 11-16’s matches are regular 11-a-side matches
  • Academy players are given all-round assistance from the club’s staff
  • Players are given practical homework. For example training drills that can be practised outside of academy training hours
  • Parents are given training on nutrition and mental preparation
  • Players are trained specifically on agility
  • Clubs communicate directly with the player’s schools sports departments to request that students also participate in other sports to work other muscles

How Do Football Academies Develop Players?

Football academies develop players by providing professional training, facilities, and experts committed to the individual’s development. From day one you learn the basic competencies required of a professional football player. Concentration on:

  • Development of individual technique
  • Strategies tactics and technique
  • Specialist training methods for outfield players
  • Specialist training for goalkeepers

Now, that you have a clear understanding of football, football academy, and other important things, I know you still have a question in mind which is ‘How Do I Get Into OR Join A Football Academy’?

How Do You Get Into OR Join A Football Academy?

Well, it starts by going through grassroots football and when the young player has reached the right level it’s about being scouted by a professional football academy. Professional football clubs send scouts to watch grassroots games and if players consistently perform at a high enough level they’ll get offered a trial at the professional club. If you perform well enough during your trial you’ll get signed and that’s how to get into or join a football academy.

How To Get Academy Trials Abroad

Having a good football CV helps and evidence that proves your footballing background is a good start. I would then suggest contacting clubs directly and asking if they would consider giving a trial based on the player’s background.

If you can prove the club you have just left is as good as or better than the club you are contacting, then most clubs will offer a trial. If not then you might have to go through the grassroots option of finding a good grassroots team that has a history of getting players signed by professional football clubs and waiting for your chance to prove yourself in your new surroundings.

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