How To Join The Correctional Service of Canada

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The Correctional Service of Canada or Corrections Canada is an agency of the Canadian federal government responsible for restoring and rehabilitating convicted criminal offenders sentenced to two years of imprisonment or more. The CSC headquarters is situated in Ottawa, Ontario.

Roles of the Canadian Correctional Service

  • The correctional service of Canada is responsible for administering the sentences of a term of two years or more as imposed by the court.
  • The CSC is responsible manages institutions of different security levels, and supervising offenders under conditional release in a particular community.

However, the CSC is not responsible for the determination of the innocence or guilt of a person charged under the Criminal Code or other related statutes, setting of sentences for convicted offenders, deciding whether an offender should be granted a conditional release, or administering sentences of young offenders.

The CSC becomes concerned or involved in a criminal justice procedure once an offender is sentenced to a term of incarceration for two years or more. Offenders that are on probatory sentences or sentenced to incarceration of fewer than two years are the responsibility of the provinces/territories.

Basic Requirements For Employment Into The Correctional Service Of Canada

To be considered for employment in the CSC, you must note the following;

  • You must have completed your secondary school education
  • Post-secondary education in correctional services, police studies, or criminology may be required.
  • Correctional officer recruits must successfully complete the Correctional Service of Canada training course to be employed by federal institutions.
  • Correctional officer recruits are usually required to complete a basic training course to be employed by provincial/territorial institutions.
  • Physical agility, strength, and fitness requirements must be met.
  • Correctional service supervisors require experience as correctional service officers.
  • First aid certification and CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) training are usually required.
  • Source National Occupational.

How To Apply

The application could be done on their official page using the procedures below;

  • Create a GC jobs account
  • Search for a job
  • Review the requirements of the position
  • Apply
  • Electronic screening
  • Assessment of abilities
  • Interview and reference check
  • Psychological assessment: security positions only
  • Pool of candidates
  • Correctional Training Program: Security Positions Only
  • Appointment

CSC may eliminate you at any stage of this process. Once your application passes electronic screening, staffing will notify you at each step of the process with further instructions.

OR you could visit

95 St. Clair Avenue West, Suite 1106

Toronto, ON, M4V 1N6

Tel: 416-962-9725

Fax: 416-962-2800


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