How To Join The British Army | Requirements And More

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Ever thought of joining the British Army? This could be your chance. The British Army is the Primary Terrestrial Warforce of the United Kingdom. It is a part of the British Armed Forces that operate alongside the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force.

Over the years, the British Army has flight and won several wars and this has established this force has one of the most formidable military forces in the world. Some of the wars it’s has seen includes; the Seven Year’s War, the America Revolutionary War, the Napoleon Wars, the Crimean War and the First and Second World Wars.

The British Army has been seen lots of it’s soldiers deployed to various conflict zones since the end of the Cold war and it has worked as an expeditionary force, a coalition force and as part of a United Nations peacekeeping operation.

A great deal of it’s achievements and exploits have been documented that are way too precious to be ignored or forgotten that writing about them could be too numerous to mention. This is a great opportunity to serve Britain and the globe from here. Hence, we have listed the requirements you must meet up if you intend applying for the British Army.


To join the Army, you need to meet a set of basic requirements. They include;

  • AGE: You can join the British Army if you are between the ages of 16 and 49 years old.
  • NATIONALITY: You could apply as a British, Irish or a Commonwealth citizen.
  • HEALTH & FITNESS: You can join if you are physically fit and have no injuries.
  • MEDICAL CONDITION: If you have no underlying medical issues at the moment.
  • EDUCATION: You’ll be required to have completed your secondary education or had obtained a higher level.
  • CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS: An applicant with no criminal record has an advantage
  • TATTOOS & PIERCINGS: No piercing or erasable tattoos.

How To Apply

Whether you are joining as a soldier or an officer, full time or as a part time Reservist, joining the Army starts with an online application.

Once you’ve submitted your application, you’ll be guided through the process by a Recruiter or Candidate Support Manager.

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