How To Check Your UNISA 2023/2024 May/June Exam Results

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UNISA Exam Results Checker 2023… Do you find it difficult in checking your UNISA Exam Results Online? If yes, then this informative article is for you. You will be given a step-by-step guide on how to check your UNISA Exam Results Online successfully.

The University of South Africa is the largest and renowned learning Institution in Africa. It is famous for its advanced technology, which has made it easier for students to learn and gain more knowledge in various fields.

The University of South Africa gives learners around the world a chance to study in a world-class institution and obtain a quality education. Students in other countries can as well apply for admission online.

University of South Africa

The University of South Africa was founded in 1873. Interesting to note, it was then known as the University of the Cape of Good Hope until 1946. It is an open learning institution where students around the world get an opportunity to be enlightened by some of the best scholars irrespective of gender or race.

UNISA Online

An application form is always needed to apply. Scholars applying from other countries can make their applications online. Here are some of the required documents to give you a chance to join the renowned University:

  • A certified copy of ID or passport
  • A copy of your school qualifications
  • A marriage certificate
  • Payments of any applicable fees.

When one joins the University of South Africa, he/she is allowed to choose a subject that they are comfortable with. There are seven significant subjects with various courses under each. These include:

  • Law
  • Agricultural and Environment
  • Human Sciences
  • Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
  • Education
  • Science, Engineering, and Technology
  • Economic and Management Sciences
  • Accounting Sciences

Who Is Eligible To Apply?

The University of South Africa is a learning institution that accepts learners with the appropriate qualifications who are willing to join their Institution. For one to be accepted in UNISA, they must apply for admission.

In case you failed to state your reason for joining the Institution, yet you received some feedback, you must re-apply for admission again. Those who are completing Higher Certificates have to apply for admission to qualify.

How To Join UNISA

One is allowed to apply for no more than two qualifications, and if one qualifies, the University of South Africa will notify you. One is also given a period to accept or decline UNISA’s proposal. If you agree to the terms and conditions of UNISA, you are allowed to register for admission.

UNISA Results

All UNISA scholars receive their examination results through the UNISA results app except for those students who have a complaint or an issue; their results are delayed for some time.

Students who have received their examination results are advised to pay for their next semester and register to save time in their studies. Scholars who fail their examinations are allowed to do supplementary exams. Listed below are the various ways by which students can receive their examination results.

  • Through MyUNISA where they receive their examinations through their email account. A student is required to fill in their email address upon application.
  • Through the Post, where students get their hard copy results through emails. A student is required to state their residential address when making their application.
  • A learner can access their results via SMS. You are required to type the word results, input space, and type your student number. The message is sent to MTN no. 083 1421 011.

Scholars will not be sent their examination results unless they have cleared their school fees and returned any books previously borrowed from the Institution’s library. Results are also not communicated unofficially via telephone by the admin staff.

MyUNISA Login – My Admin Login

My UNISA is a website where learners check their examination results. If one wants to check their results on myUNISA, this is the process that one has to follow:

  • Log in to myUNISA website, click into My Admin, and then enter Exam analyses.
  • You will receive your examination results via MyLife email after they are ready.
  • Your examination analyses will be sent through printed copies.

MyUNISA Student Portal

UNISA portal is a platform where students check their:

  • UNISA exam results
  • Application status
  • Acceptance fees payment
  • Extra credit hours
  • Deferment of admission
  • Admission online application
  • Academic calendar
  • Transcript and timetable.

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