Current List 2023: Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In South Africa

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Like every other country, South Africa may be struggling to break out of the rippling effects of the coronavirus outbreak; notwithstanding, the country is blessed and has lots of natural resources that keep it afloat despite the tussle the outbreak may have produced and other national crises it has been facing and is facing presently.

Studying or residing in South Africa has been a blessing for immigrants and the country is a home like no other to natives, being one of the oldest countries in Africa and one that has survived apartheid, South Africa really has a story to tell and even more has amazing places occupied with people who are receptive to travelers and who would be so pleased to share some of their amazing stories with you.

If you have stayed in the country or you are just moving in or you are a student who is confused about the career path to embark on and would love to know some of the highest paying jobs in the country, let’s sail the sea together.

1. Specialist Doctors

Number one on our list is the medical profession. It is without doubt and controversy that the medical profession tops the chart in every profession. I mean, walking down memory lane to 2019/2020 during the outbreak, we realized the one thing we trusted in was the medical aid we could get from the hospital and that was just the major source of hope for those who were infected with the deadly virus.

Doctors are classified according to their specialty and pursuing a course in medicine wouldn’t be such a bad idea considering the fact that these guys walk home with a whopping R1,600,000 every year. What do they do? According to specialty, doctors examine, diagnose, treat and prescribe medicines to patients. They could also be employed as private doctors working for a family or in an institution, government hospitals, firms, or in NGOs and could still earn a large income monthly which could accumulate to a huge amount in a year.

2. Software Engineers

Software Engineers create, design, and implement software and also crack up software solutions to help ease computer problems. Software engineering is a rapidly growing profession that pays even more than most jobs now considering the increase in technological knowledge and the demand for software engineering is maddening. They are placed at an average salary of R1.2,000,000 every year in South Africa.

3. Actuary

Actuaries are critical thinkers and problem solvers who predict and solve the probability of future risk events using their mathematical knowledge. They use their skills to evaluate the impact future events will have on a company’s wealth and services. In most countries, Actuary might be a new profession striving to find its root but in SA, Actuaries earn as much as R920,000 yearly.

4. Judges

Judges in South Africa have seen good days and are still living in it. Their jobs include acting as decision-makers in law courts along with the counsel and jury. They apply the law of the country to court cases. They also oversee legal during trials and mediate negotiations between opposing ends. They earn 825,000Rand every year in South Africa.

5. Chief Financial Officers

This category of professionals has distinct job descriptions from accountants though sometimes their roles overlap CFOs are responsible for overseeing a company’s financial dealings and helping a country decide on investments to make and the right choices to ensure the company doesn’t run at a loss. They assess the company’s strengths and weaknesses and work with the financial team to build a growing firm. CFOs in SA earn R781000 every year.

6. Pilots

Aviation is one of the most lucrative fields to venture into today, lots of young folks are now toiling into the profession because it doesn’t only promise the privileges of seeing other countries but it also presents a good salary to workers and pilots seem to bag the larger share.

Pilots are responsible for flying airplanes; helicopters, jets with cargos or passengers and earn a ridiculous salary in SA which is R695,800 or more each year.

7. Lawyers

Like Judges, lawyers have to defend their clients in courts. They could specialise in different aspects of law like Environmental, criminal law, family law, and others and could either work in government courts, in their private chambers or as solicitors. They earn more than R643,440 annually in South Africa.

8. Petroleum Engineers

Petroleum is one of the highest sources of revenue in most countries and SA is one such country. Petroleum Engineers use a wide array of skills like mathematics, Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, and natural sciences to deal with natural resources that generate great income for a country. In SA, they are much appreciated and are placed at an annual salary of R572,000

9. Chartered Accountants

With companies seeking financial aid and intelligent support to assist in keeping track of the financial dealings of their firm, chartered Accountants fill in the void, plus companies now seek honest people, and qualified accountants always earn this job space. Top chartered accountants earn more than R605,000 every year in South Africa.

10. IT Managers

IT Managers could also act as CEOs in most tech firms, they oversee technological reports and take care of technological problems in a company. With the increasing number of technological innovations stemming out from pre-existing, the world has metamorphosed into a technology enclave. They create solutions, manage computer problems and operations, and may have to work with other teams to ensure the company moves smoothly. They earn R620,230 per annum in South Africa.

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