Government Careers Review And Salary Levels In South Africa 2021

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Government Salary Levels In South Africa… What do you know about the South African Government Salary levels? I believe you might not have detailed information about it. But, you are on the right platform which will give you detailed information about Government Careers Review And Salary Levels In South Africa.

Are you aware that the most important part of the country’s budget is allocated to paying wages to government employees, which has been a challenge to the treasury since a considerable fraction of funds is set aside for compensating workers? So, at this point, the government is laying plans to help reduce the huge wage bill menacing to decline the economy.

Government Careers Review

The government of South Africa is familiar to employ trained and competent public servants. Well, before I continue I will like to conduct a fun brain teaser which I believe you are ready for it. Here is the fun brain teaser question that you need to answer before I can continue with the article.

Do you know one of the highest-paid public servants in South Africa? I know so many answers are running through your mind now but you can’t come up with an answer, so I wouldn’t want to waste your time than for me to provide the answer for you.

NOTE: One of the highest-paid public servants are DOCTORS and their demand is constantly on the rise. They form a small percentage of public servants.

In this article, the details of the salary scales for public servants highlight some of the other well-paying careers in South Africa.

Do You Know Why the Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) Was Form?

DPSA was formed to ensure that suitable public services are offered to consumers, thus enhancing service delivery. DPSA salary scales help sustain internal fairness and competition among companies offering a similar product. DPSA salary scales promote quality among workers of the organization supplying a similar product.

DPSA documents contain all the standards that guide government salary levels to public servants. One of the main agendas of the DPSA is to access and approve salary structures in the public sector.

South Africa DPSA policies monitor minimum wages that are to be paid to all serving in the public service occupations such as teachers and security officers to eradicate poverty and unemployment among its wide-range population.

I hope you are following this informative content step by step? When you reach here, always be ready to learn more.

Government Salary Levels

Government salary levels and notches is a format where employees are graded within a pay level determined by their work experience and level of education. Every job is placed within specific pay grades, and employees are placed in several groups.

Do you still want to know more about the financial year salary scales? Well, you don’t have to worry because you will be given more insight into it.

One of the major causes South Africans are constantly looking for new jobs is that their current jobs do not offer opportunities for further development. Some want their responsibilities to broaden while others want a better salary package. These are the averages for South African professionals across the different sectors.

Here is where we’ll get started so that you can have detailed information about the annual salary scale of different sectors. First on the list is the;

1. Finance And Accounting

A group or regional Chief Finance Officer’s annual salary is an average of R4,000,000. A financial director’s yearly salary is R3,000,000, while a finance manager earns up to R1,200,000. A standard financial accountant earns an annual salary of R475,000.

2. Information Technology

A Chief Information Officer has an annual salary of R1,700,000, while an IT manager makes R1,200,000 annually. An application developer earns up to R900,000. A senior IT Business Analyst has a yearly salary of R750,000.

3. Engineering And Manufacturing

In the engineering and manufacturing sector, a factory or plant manager has an annual salary of R1,200,000. A quality engineer has a yearly salary worth R600,000. A project engineer and a project director earn R700,000 and R1,700,000, respectively.

4. Legal

In the legal space, a junior counsel’s annual income is R600,000. A general counsel makes up to R2,250,000. A legal counsel earns R850,000, while a senior legal counsel’s yearly income is R1,250,000.

5. Doctors

Doctors in South Africa earn approximately R72,800 per month, making them one of the highest-paid civil servants in the country. Their years of training and expertise mainly contribute to their earnings.

6. Police

Police officers in South Africa earn a maximum of R12,427 per month, interestingly the highest for an African nation. The pay is good and attracts both school leavers and professionals countrywide.

7. Nurses

Nurses earn approximately R16,786 per month. This is likely because of their education level and experience. Nurses in South Africa are a critical human resource to the economy. The education offered is world-class; that is why it attracts international students from the region.

8. Members of Parliament (MP’s)

Members of Parliament in South Africa are paid handsomely. It pays to join the country’s national assembly owing to its substantial financial benefits. Members are paid R1 million in a year which is a monthly salary of R133,372.

9. Teachers

Like their counterparts in other African nations, teachers in South Africa are fairly paid. Salary levels for teachers range between level 5 and level 8. Teachers in the entry position are categorized in level 5. The government teachers’ salary is approximately R21,983 per month. Most decry their pay, and the issue has been taken up in the national assembly where teachers propose equal pay.

Now, that you have detailed information about the annual salary scale of different sectors; are you also aware of the DPSA salary increase in 2021?

DPSA Salary Increase In 2021

On 14th July 2021, NAPTOSA became a signatory to the 2021/2022 wage agreement. The bill is currently in circulation for the various unions of the council. When it acquires the requisite signatures, the benefit to employees will be twofold.

The non-pensionable cash allowance for the public service salary scales 2020/2021 effect from 1st April 2021. The subsidies for the salary levels are as follows,

  • Employees in levels 1 to 5 will enjoy an R1,220 allowance.
  • Levels 6 and 7 will enjoy an R1,352 allowance.
  • Levels 8 and 9 will receive an R1,450 allowance.
  • Levels 10 and 11 will earn an R1,640 allowance, while those in level 12 will earn an R1,695 allowance.

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