Cheapest Universities In Europe For International Students 2023

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Studying in Europe could be one of the most exciting experiences you could ever wish for. Walking around the engrossing landmarks with friends, speering on a sunny afternoon, or fishing with the locals, nothing beats the happy life of Europe.

I know lots of students who would love to study in Europe but can’t pull off the tuition fee tightrope. University and college tuition fees are off the peg to most students and it’s frustrating to find your dream thrown in the ground, right in front of you because of tuition fees.

Not to worry, this article might just be the one thing you need to set your dreams back again. There might be tuition-free for EU citizens and foreigners with a bit of processing fee but again, you get to learn a new language since most of the courses are offered in their native dialects.

Cheapest Universities In Europe For International Students

1. Scuola Normale Superiore

Guess which university took the first spot. Scuola Normale Superiore is located in Pisa, Italy, and has three main programs for undergraduate Students which include, Humanities, Sciences, and Political Science. Each of these programs offers special training on topics such as paleography history of art, archaeology modern literature, and linguistics philosophy. It might also interest you to know that the tuition fee for Scuola Normale Superiore is free.

2. Sant’Anna

Sant’Anna is one of the cheapest universities in Europe located in Pisa. The school offers two primary programs, which are experimental & applied sciences and social sciences. The Tuition fee for Sant’Anna is free plus you might get the chance to learn a new language as most of their courses are taught in their native dialect.

3. Free University of Berlin

You know the saying, Nothing is free, not even in Freetown? What if I told you that the tuition fee at the Free University of Berlin is free except that you will be responsible for your other needs but not to worry because the living cost in Berlin is relatively fair and that’s a sweet treat for a college student.

4. University of Göttingen

If you’ve got a thing for Germany then you are welcome to the University of Göttingen where you get to choose from a wide range of programs from Humanities, natural sciences, law, to social sciences, and for the most part, courses are taught in English. The Tuition fee cost only ~€300 (~$335) and the only other cost is that of living which is just around 700 euros, or less than $800 a month.

5. RWTH Aachen University

RWTH Aachen University is located in Aachen, Germany and Aachen is synonymous with jaw dropping cathedrals. The university offers popular subjects such as Architecture, Georesources, and materials engineering, no tuition fee except some teeny weeny student body and processing fee of ~260 euros, or ~$290 per semester. The cost of living is about ~800 Euros per month, or just under ~$900.

6. The University of Vienna

The University of Vienna was established in 1365(so old) in Austria, yet is one fun place to study in. It is tuition free with just ~730 Euros, or ~$815 per semester as processing fee, and about 200 programs to choose from. Popular courses taught include: Theology, Computer Science, Cultural Studies, and Philosophy.

7. Nord University

Located at Bodø, Norway, Nord University is one of the cheapest public funded universities in Europe with tuition fee of about ~725 Euros, or ~$800 per semester, and tons of popular subjects ranging from Circumpolar Studies, 3D art, Animation, Games and Entertainment Technology, to Biology, and English.

The only thing about this university is that you will be required to provide proof that you have funds to support yourself, other than that, you won’t have any problems as courses are taught in English.

8. Nantes University

Nantes University is located in Nantes, France, and is one of the best places for night lifers with amazing adventures and foods plus, tuition cost is ~184 Euros, or ~$200 per semester with processing fee of 184 euros, or ~$200 per semester and cost of living as low as 600 euros, or ~$670 per month.

Popular courses taught include Health and medical technology, engineering, legal and political science, and other interdisciplinary programs.

9. University of Paris-Sud

The University of Paris-Sud made it to our list of cheapest universities in Europe with a tuition fee of ~170 euros, or ~$190 per semester, a nice location, France, popular courses like Sciences and languages, physics, and economics and management, what more could a college student demand? You’ve got all you need, because you’ll be in for the best days of your life.

10. University of Athens

The University of Athens is one of the oldest in Greece and I’m thinking one of the most fun filled. It is located in Greece and offers popular courses like Dentistry, music studies, nursing, social theology, and theatre studies on a tuition fee of just ~$400 per semester and a living cost of ~$800 per month or less in Athens.

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