How To Prepare An Appropriate Business Resume Template

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Do you find it difficult in preparing an appropriate Business Resume Template? If yes, then this informative article is for you.

To write an effective resume is the key to get your interview call. In order to get short listed for an interview with the recruiter, your resume needs to stand out from the lot. Since business resumes can be prepared for a variety of job positions and situations, they are the most commonly used resume formats.

These positions include business development, business consultant, business planner, business owner, and so on. In order to make the resume more effective, it needs to be rightly formatted. Formatting refers to emphasizing the key sections of the resume depending on your prospective job profile. Hence, we have provided here a business resume template to help you craft your own resume for different business profiles.

How To Prepare An Appropriate Business Resume Template

Template Of A Business Resume

Important elements of a high impact business resume template are career objective, work experience, educational qualifications, and contact details. Presenting your professional experience and relevant business skills in a well-structured manner is a vital step towards securing a dream job. It’s therefore advisable to follow certain tips while creating your business resume.

If you are an experienced candidate, the emphasis of your resume must be on work experience. Alternatively, for student candidates, the emphasis of the resume must be on educational qualifications and key skills. Candidates who have gaps in their career or have experience from different job fields are advised to adopt a functional resume. For other candidates, reverse chronological format is considered as ideal.

Career Objective

Providing your career goal and a short description of relevant skills and experience is a good start to your resume. You can express your willingness to explore different areas of business or specialize in one particular field. Emphasize on your ability to handle responsibilities at a high position. Employers are persuaded to glance further into your resume with an effective career objective statement.

Work Experience

Include your areas of responsibilities and notable achievements under the experience section. Highlight various facets of your profile as business manager in previous organizations. By highlighting your responsibilities and achievements, the recruiter is assured of your ability to tackle work obligations. Showcasing your notable achievements and performance record would stimulate the interest of the employers to interview you. These achievements may include achieving sales growth, improving productivity, increasing customer base, reducing wastages, etc.


State the educational degrees attained and colleges attended along with the year of passing in the education section. Also, list your specialization subject and major in graduation course. Additionally, the various courses and training programs attended can be stated in a bulleted format. Prospective employers would be interested in the skills set and the potential you bring to the table. Hence, highlight what you have learned in college to showcase your worth to the recruiter.

Key Skills

Give prominence to business skills in this section. Emphasize on your ability to lead teams, make decisions, coordinate with associates, establish communication, analyze trends, develop and implement plans, manage resource, handle risks, etc. A business professional is a multi-task person. Hence, all these attributes will help you to prove your ability to multi-task and play any role as required for the benefit of the organization.

Technical/ Language Proficiency

Computer proficiency with software packages would be a preferable attribute. As all business records are maintained and processed via software, technical skills have become a primary requirement for all business jobs. Popular business softwares include Enterprise resource planning (ERP), Business Performance management (BPM), accounting software, data management, etc. Proficiency over foreign languages may also be included here. It is a vital skill for certain profiles like business development, international trade coordinator, etc.

Contact Details

Do mention your contact details in business resume. Particulars of your name, permanent address, contact number, and email address should be mentioned in your resume. These details help the recruiter to convey his decisions back to the candidate.

A business professional requires a variety of skills and abilities. He performs varied roles in business; planner, coordinator, analyst, advisor, communications manager, risk manager, etc. Hence, follow this business resume template to bring out the best of your abilities and prove your suitability. We hope this template helps you attain the interview call for your dream job.

Sample Business Resume Template 1

Alan Ruddock

596 West Street,

Milford Delaware

(248) 775-1234


Highly motivated & result-oriented professional with a track record to manage several projects efficiently

Professional Experience

ABZ Interactive Solutions Pvt. Ltd   2004 – Present

Vice President of Operations

  • Managed multiple project teams that included team of consultants, project managers and technical staff.
  • Responsible for strategy development, client acquisition, client management and staff recruitment.
Major Accomplishments
  • Actively involved in establishing corporate presence in Spain that included company integration, client management and staff recruitment.
  • Efficiently managed a 15-member team of IT professionals and generated $5 million in revenue in the year 2007 – 2008.

KLM e-Marketing Ltd    2003 – 2004

Business Development
  • Marketed services of the company to small firms to develop their online business
  • Increased the portfolio of KLM e-Marketing by providing service to websites from different genres that include retail, fashion and real estate.

PQR Enterprises     2002 – 2003

Marketing Manager
  • Planned & supervised a telemarketing campaign to increase sales
  • Designed a direct e-mailers campaign that increased customer base
  • Prepared case studies for Company’s newsletter
  • Developed a sales report to track orders accurately

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B.S., Marketing, University of Delaware 2001

Certificate course in Computer Applications 2000

Post graduate Diploma in Marketing from Wilmington University 2002

Computer Skills

Languages: HTML, XML, Python, Perl, Active Server Pages (ASP), JavaScript, PHP

Platforms: Windows, Linux

Management Software: Microsoft Office 2000, Adobe Photoshop, MS Project, MS FrontPage, Dream Weaver, FileMaker Pro, Lotus 1-2-3, SQL Server, SQL 6.5 & 7.0 Enterprise Manager.

Sample Business Resume Template 2

It is very important to enlist the responsibilities held and tasks executed in a business resume. The professional experience section of your resume contains key information that prospective employers are looking for.

Major accomplishments as a business manager and capabilities to multi-task can win you that coveted job. Below is a sample business resume that you can use.

Kenneth Baker

125, 16 Ave NE,

Calgary, Alberta

Phone: (978) 785-1347

Objective: Seeking a challenging position as a distribution manager that will utilize my management skills thereby contributing to the company’s success.

Professional Summary:

More than 05 years of rewarding experience managing a large distribution center; Successful track record of automating distribution systems, recruiting and training employees, setting productivity goals and adopting cost control measures.

Professional Experience: XYZ Inc., Edmonton, Alberta 2005 to present

Operations Manager

  • Oversaw the operational aspects of company’s distribution center including staff recruitment and training
  • Responsible for forecasting operating budget of the distribution center and managing operations expenses within the budget
  • Increased productivity levels by 42 per cent in the year 2007
  • Redesigning employee incentive program that resulted in increased productivity and reduced employee attrition rate
  • Spearheaded multiple teams to integrate distribution system with an advanced merchandising system
  • Eliminated temporary labor issues by developing seasonal staffing plan
  • Led the newly set up distribution system that achieved a record distribution volume in the first quarter of 2009
  • Implemented an advanced software system for warehouse management
  • Modernized receiving operations of the center to enhance efficiency; that led to on time completion of projects.

UVW Group, Lacombe, Alberta 2003 – 2005

Marketing Manager,

  • Directed 15 member sales team of the company to generate $10M in annual sales
  • Oversaw the commercial construction projects that consisted of 200 new shops and commercial outlets
  • Managed several aspects of projects including subcontracting and efficient customer service
  • Coordinated with multiple subcontractors to ensure timely completion of assigned projects
  • Responsible for sale of commercial real estate; by means of building affiliations with diverse business groups & banks.

Post graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management, 2002

University of Alberta, Edmonton

B.S., Marketing, 2001

University of Alberta, Edmonton

Computer Skills:

Proficient in MS office software packages, MS Project 2000 and Oracle.

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