How To Prepare An Appropriate Analyst Resume Template

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Do you find it difficult in preparing an appropriate Analyst Resume Template? If yes, then this informative article is for you.

A resume needs to be concise and candid to capture the attention of your potential employer. Since it makes the first impression of a candidate on the prospective employer, it is vital for the resume to be attention-grabbing. There is a standard format in resume writing that determines the listing of various sections and the flow of the content.

However, the content cannot be standardized or generic. Ideally, the resume must have content that exclusively relates to that candidate alone. Also, it needs to be customized as per the peculiarities of the work field.

Since analyst positions are available across several industries such as insurance, finance, information technology (IT), and banking, your analyst resume cannot be generic.

How To Prepare An Appropriate Analyst Resume Template

It must speak of the role and responsibilities peculiar to that industry alone. Surely, it is confusing for the job seeker to draft a professional resume. Hence, here are is an analyst resume template for your reference:

Professional Experience

The art of creating an ideal resume lies in condensing information in an orderly manner. The responsibilities are undertaken and functions carried out in various organizations are to be mentioned under the experience section. This piece of information adds value to the candidate’s profile. Also, it serves as an introduction of the candidate’s capabilities to the prospective employer.

The highlighted information needs to be clear, concise, and relevant to the position applied for.

Educational Skills

Highlight your academic qualifications in this section by stating the name of your degree, institute name, year of passing, and grades. You can either use a tabular form or bullet form to write these details.

Computer Skills

Possessing computer language skills specific to the job requirements will be an added advantage. Emphasize on your proficiency to work on business software and tools. It helps to manage the workload and complete work obligations on time. Hence, it’s essential to include your computer skills relevant to the job, within your analyst resume template.

Career Objective

The career objective is the first statement in the resume. It has to be impressive enough to make the recruiters interested in reading the resume further. The objective statement must be a perfect blend of the factors: candidate’s career goals for the future, candidate’s expectations from the organization, and reasons for how a candidate’s abilities and experience will prove beneficial to the organization. Do not lengthen the objective statement to more than 2 sentences. Keep the statement short and precise.

Key Skills

There are certain skills that any recruiter will expect in a candidate applying for analyst positions. These skills include sharp analytical skills and observational skills; ability to read, grasp, and interpret data; ability to keep records and make reports; ability to organize and manage tasks in order, etc.

Make sure you highlight these skills within your resume. Also, relate these skills with your job responsibilities and achievements to showcase how the skills benefited you and the organization at work.

Refer to the analyst resume template as a guidance tool while writing your resume. The key to gaining attention for your resume over several other resumes is to be unique. Customize the standard resume writing format as per your job profile and the current industry protocols.

Since every job field is distinctive and every job seeker is unique, it is beneficial to draft a resume that is customized as per the candidate’s work profile. Hence, while keeping up with the general resume writing protocols; draft a resume that is the true reflection of your personality.

Sample Analyst Resume Template 1

An Analyst resume needs to highlight your analytical & problem-solving skills. Proper representation of technical skills along with the relevant experience makes your stand out from the crowd. Here is an example of an effective analyst resume.

Daniella Brown

712, East Street

Dallas, TX 54321

Home: (111) 45222

Cell: (963) 85269757


To work as a Data Analyst in a reputed IT firm.

Summary Of Skills
  • Qualified professional with hands-on working experience in reporting software and database management
  • Working knowledge of database management, data warehousing & Oracle databases.

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  • More than 3 years of experience creating and testing database and preparing reports
  • Skilled in managing transactions and modifying indexes by means of SQL
  • Expertise in creating technical documents for software implementation
IT Skills

RDBMS: SQL Server 2000 & Oracle 9.0

Languages: VB 6.0, XML, UML, C++, PHP and SQL

Operating Systems: Windows Vista & XP & UNIX

Packages: Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat & MS office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access)


2005 To Present – Data Analyst

PQR Institute of Research, Oldham, TX

  • Translated number of HTML documents to XML
  • Built a Java application to serve dynamic content using advanced page scripting languages
  • Authored modules of “XML for organizations” and trained data managers & analysts of the company
  • Used Perl/Python extensively to transform legacy data for the company’s major clients

2004 To 2005 – Junior Data Analyst

LMN Financial, Glenn Heights, Ovilla, TX

  • Planned & built new program databases and rectified errors
  • Responsible for the quality of databases and their performance
  • Coordinated with several teams for timely completion of business projects
  • Carried out online uploading of data & analysis of new data

Education 2003

B.A., Computer Applications

University of Texas, TX.

Sample Analyst Resume Template 2

An Analyst resume is a medium to effectively communicate your technical knowledge and professional skills. Analyst resume shall highlight your summary of abilities and enlist various tasks performed in earlier organizations.

Showcasing expertise in major analytical tasks shall increase your chance of getting an interview call from a well-established firm.

John Smith

899 Clove Street

Collingswood, Philadelphia

Home: (222) 525-1234

Cell: (995) 555-7889

OBJECTIVE: Seeking a Position of an Actuarial analyst in a reputed insurance company wherein I can apply statistical & professional skills.

  • Excellent knowledge of probability theory, linear algebra, differential calculus, and regression analysis
  • Sound understanding of actuarial science and capability to explain actuary tables to customers
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills

ABC Consulting, Darby, Philadelphia, PA

Actuarial Analyst, 2006 to Present

  • Performed actuarial pricing on a quarterly basis for a variety of insurance products that include Health plans, child plans, and investment plans
  • Coordinated with the underwriting department to communicate insurance policy requirements
  • Prepared forecasts and calculated quarterly liabilities for the company
  • Assisted the IT department to plan new system solutions for reporting requirements.

XYZ Insurance, Merchantville, Philadelphia, PA

Actuarial Analyst, 2004 to 2006

  • Assisted in the development of various insurance products and its pricing;
  • Performed statistical tests & rate implementation for insurance plans to check the profitability of the business;
  • Prepared financial reports and analysis on a weekly basis.

B.A., Economics & Statistics, 2003

University of Philadelphia

  • Working knowledge of Pascal, Lotus 3, FORTRAN, MS office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook).

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