How To Prepare An Appropriate Advertising Resume Template

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Do you find it difficult in preparing an appropriate Advertising Resume Template? If yes, then this informative article is for you.

A standard resume template showcases the abilities of the candidate and the relevant qualification required for the applied post. Proper presentation of resume attracts potential employers to your candidature. An ideal advertising executive resume template shall contain the major accounts handled by him.

How To Prepare An Appropriate Advertising Resume Template

Professional Achievements

An advertising resume template shall explicitly mention the achievements and contributions of the candidate in the functioning and development of the previous ad agency or organization. It’s also necessary to mention the various responsibilities held during the tenure in earlier organizations.

There is a positive impression created, when you have achieved an increase in sales and revenue growth while managing the campaign for a specific brand.

Highlighting your achievements in fields like space selling, content creation, client servicing and competitor research adds value to your role as an advertising executive. Hence it makes sense to include employment history in your resume.

Other essential facts that need to be included in the resume template of advertising executive are career objective, experience summary, and educational qualifications.

You stand a better chance of receiving an interview call if your resume meets the requirement of a professional resume. References from the previous organization would add further weight to your CV. Therefore, do not forget to list one or two references at the end of your resume template.

Sample Advertising Resume

An Advertising Resume needs to highlight your notable achievements in various positions that include Media Director, Account Manager, and Media Coordinator. An attention-grabbing resume can win you can an interview call.

Below is the high impact advertising sample resume.

Adam Scott

254 Jackson Street, Colombus, MO,


Objective: To obtain a challenging managerial position in the advertising field.


M.S., Mass Media & Communications, 1999, Missouri State University

B.S., Advertising & Marketing, 1998, Missouri State University

Courses included Message Criticism, Advanced Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communications,

Introduction to Public Relations, and Organizational Communication.


Bright Advertising, Johnstown, – 2002-present

Media Director

  • Managing strategic communications with big brands including Pepsi & Coca Cola accounts worth $ 20 billion,
  • Design new strategies to win high net worth clients.
  • Manage office branches situated across 10 locations,
  • Arranging training schedules for employees to increase efficiencies,
  • Develop a strategy to increase market share for clients.

LMN Publicity, Grove City, – 1998-2002

Media Coordinator

  • Coordinate with sales representatives to meet contract terms.
  • Planned and implemented outdoor advertising
  • Executed media research to study the competition and thereby develop an ad strategy
  • Provided campaign daily, weekly and monthly reports for Campaign optimization.


  • Computer Proficiencies in Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • An accomplished editor, writer, and public speaker.
  • Well Conversant in French.


  • Attended digital media conference held in Los Angeles-Nov 2008
  • Speaker at Internet Search Advertising seminar held in San Jose- 2007.

Sample Advertising Resume Template

An Advertising Resume needs to highlight your major accomplishments in various designations that you held in earlier organizations. Since, it mentions your skillset and capabilities explicitly.

This info coupled with other essential sections makes up an attention-grabbing resume. Below is the high impact advertising sample resume template that you can customize as per your requirements.

Paul Harrison

125, West Street

Sunnyvale, CA 12345

(9857) 458-4568

Advertising Head

Result-oriented advertising professional; experienced in leading start-up companies profitably. Known for devising innovative strategies to excel in competitive markets.

Summary of Qualifications

Business Development, Closing deals & negotiations, Concept selling & marketing Client Relations, Effective Team player, Public Speaking & Sales Analysis

Professional Experience

Advertising Manager

ABC Media Productions, Sunnyvale, CA – 1990- present

  • Initiated key account advancement program intensively to further business growth objectives,
  • Achieved target sales volume for 2007 prior to the estimated timeline,
  • Increased brand penetration in southeast regions & sales growth by 64% in 2005
  • Successfully closed the online deal with XYZ Films in 2003,
  • Developed new marketing strategies for key accounts to stay ahead of competitors
  • Negotiated & Sold 45 seconds of commercial advertising slots to major agencies
  • Established higher-level contacts with 14 advertising agencies throughout Sunnyvale and California
  • Designed business development strategy for expansion of Media Production start-up firm,
  • Pioneered & spearheaded the internet advertising department of Media Production in its initial phase.


B.S., in Marketing, 1989

Stanford University, CA


Won the “best salesmen” award for four consecutive years from 2000-2003 based on PQR Magazine survey.

Professional Affiliations

Chairmen, American Advertising Association (AAA) – 2002 to present

Vice-President, Video Streaming Research Organization, 2004-2006

Committee Member, Americans Institute of Cancer Research (AICR), 2000-2007

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