11 Best Jobs for College Students In 2023/2024 You Need To Know

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It is undeniable that the 2020 pandemic brought with it a shift in the balance of the affairs of life. Right now, earning from just one kind of job is not enough, you need a side hustle to complement the first.

College life is a twist of homework, term papers, assignments, and expenses. Depending on parents and guardians is like hoping for charity, they might delay a bit so it’s wise to get a side hustle that might come in handy in terms of funds.

I know the campus is full of stress, and school life is a hurdle but you could however add some part-time jobs that could serve as a means of earning extra income to support yourself in case your guardians at home take a little while before sending some cash.

Best Jobs for College Students

Here are a few but the best jobs a college student could try out that will leave you with enough time to attend to school work.

1. Nanny

This is a pretty easy-to-find kind of job. Homes are in need of nannies now to care for their kids, as most parents aren’t comfortable leaving their kids at some creche anymore, rather, they prefer, a stay-in or part-time nanny to look after their kids.

You could get hired to work as a nanny. If you’re a kid’s personality, it’s even cool. You could go straight to school work or attend to term paper during their nap time or when you leave them with class work.

With this, you could earn yourself some extra income to settle some bills along with some daily stipends.

2. Home Cleaning Services

I know a friend who started her own brand and now makes lots of money from it. This is a safe means of earning without having to work for anyone. Home cleaning services pay more these days.

All you need to do is sign up to a particular agency, they’re scattered all over the place now or start-up yours. What’s good, is you don’t need to work every day, maybe three days weekly and you still have a considerable amount of time to get back to school work.

3. Dental Receptionist

You don’t need to work every day as a dental receptionist, I once had a job as a lawyer’s assistant and it gave me a huge amount of time to study. The dental receptionist only needs to welcome patients and helped them get to meet the dentist. With a friendly aura, you do not need to wait till payday, you can do with some tips.

4. Orderly

Another great kind of job for college kids. Orderlies get to work evenings both nights for someone who’s unusually busy during the day. This might be a huge exposure for you in case you are considering a career in Medicine plus you do not need to wear your normal clothes during working hours as you’ll have your scrub and still get laid at the end of the day.

5. Bookkeeper

This needs a good Command of mathematics but once you are good with it, you can search for a company with which you can assist in keeping records of some internal memorandum. This is a good way of cashing out monthly.

6. Librarian

In case you think it’s impossible, I have a friend who worked part-time in our college library and was able to save up for accommodation, buy herself some good stuff and she still had a supple amount of time to graduate with good grades.

7. Tutor

I’m not sure if there’s any college kid who hasn’t tried out as a tutor before. We’ve all had this job at some point in college. It’s good to get to refresh your mind on some stuff you left in high school and still earn from it.

8. Restaurant Host/Hostess

Free working space and an opportunity to meet people, free WiFi, free meal plus daily tips, and of course time to do some school work, I loved working as a hostess.

9. Gym Receptionist

You do not need to do the most part of the job, just welcome the trainers in and do what you know how to do best and still get paid for doing your job. You may not even have to stay at the gym from morning till evening nor do you go there every day.

10. Tour Guide

If you’re the gypsy kind of person who is into tourism and loves to show strangers around, then this job is for you.

Try your hands at being a wonderful tour guide and get not just the pleasure of getting paid but equally making foreigners feel at ease with you and in your state or district.

11. Lifeguard

Swimming had never been my thing in high school but my vacation in Sydney was good exposure, I learned the necessity of having a lifeguard around at any place with a beach or pool. You may need a certificate from the Red Cross but if the company sees how good you are, you may not need a certificate to get employed.

These are the few most common jobs a college student could juggle school activities along with and still have enough time to deal with other issues.

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