Best Hospital Plans And Cost Profile In South Africa As Of 2021

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Best Hospital Plans In South Africa 2021… Are you looking for the list of Best Hospital Plans In South Africa? If yes, then this informative article is for you. You will be given detailed information about the Best Hospital Plans In South Africa, Cost, and More.

When talking about Hospital plans what comes into your mind? I know you might not know the necessary procedures or the cost of hospital plans in South Africa, but let me assure you that you are on the right platform in which you will be given detailed information about Hospital Plans and Best Hospital Plans in South Africa as of 2021.

What Is A Hospital Plans

A hospital plan is a monthly premium (that is the amount you pay for your health insurance every month) which will cover you for treatments and procedures as an in-patient in a private hospital. Any medication or doctor visits out of the hospital would be for your own account.

I hope you have knowledge about what Hospital Plans are all about. I know the above explanation is not okay with you because you need more information about Hospital Plans, which I assure you that you will be given information right away in full detail. Just continue reading to discover more about Hospital Plans in South Africa.

Best Hospital Plans In South Africa

Before you consider hospital plans in South Africa, it is crucial to understand two primary factors. These factors have been phrased in question form and are as follows: It is a medical aid program that pays for your medical costs when you are hospitalized? What does a hospital plan cover? It covers a specific amount that covers your admission, length of stay, bills, and other incurred healthcare costs. It means that you can save money on medical aid when you have a hospital plan.

Is a hospital plan right for you? It certainly is; if you spend so much on medical expenses or use many medications. Here are the top medical aid schemes in South Africa and the option under which they offer their hospital plans:

1. Discovery Health

This medical aid scheme offers its hospital plan under Coastal Care, Classic Delta, Classic Core, Essential Core, Essential Delta, and Keycare Core Network Option.

Is Discovery Keycare Core A Hospital Plan?

As mentioned above, it is, and it ranks among the most suitable plans for individuals with limited cover and chronic cover for particular illnesses. Does Discovery have a hospital plan only? Not quite. It also offers 23 other different plan options. Below is a cost profile of the expenses incurred in 2021 for individuals using several of Discovery Health’s benefit options:

The Essential Smart Option

  • One adult: R 1 400
  • Two adults and two children: R 5 600

The Essential Delta Core Option

  • One adult: R 1 681
  • Two adults and two children: R 4 296

2. Fedhealth

Fedhealth was registered in 1969, and as of now, it covers approximately 150 000 lives. It has one of the highest global credit ratings, which is currently at AA-. It has several plans, and they all charge differently. Take a look:

  • myFED: This is best for previously uncovered staff members, and its rates start at R 1 128 per month.
  • flexiFED: It is more suitable for young individuals and growing families. It starts from R 1 341 monthly.
  • maxiFED: This one best fit more mature families and starts from R 5 336 monthly.

3. Bonitas

Does Bonitas have a hospital plan? It does have several programs that cover emergency and planned procedures. You also receive extra benefits for preventative care and wellness. Below is a look at some of these plans and their starting value as of 2021:

  • Hospital Standard: Starts from R 2 434.
  • BonEssential: Starts from R 1 962
  • BonEssential Select: Starts from R 1 675

4. Medihelp

Medihelp has a Prime one hospital plan that is very convenient for individuals who want private healthcare services at an affordable price. It covers minor daily medical expenses and extensive added insured benefits. You will save 22% of your monthly contributions with this option. Below is a look at the monthly contributions you would make with this plan for the Network and Non-network benefit options:


  • Principal member: R 1 722
  • Dependant: R 1 416
  • Child dependant less than 26 years: R522


  • Principal member: R 2 202
  • Dependant: R 1 818
  • Child dependant less than 26 years: R672

5. Health Squared

The other medical scheme to consider for its convenient cover is Health Squared. It offers a wide range of options with different benefits. Note that the benefits are pro-rated as they rely on the year you joined the scheme. Take a look at the monthly contributions of three of its hospital plans:


  • Principal Member: R 2 178
  • Adult Member: R 1 761
  • Per Child (Maximum 3): R 777


  • Principal Member: R 3 106
  • Mature Member: R 2 790
  • Per Child (Maximum 3): R 966


  • Principal Member: R 6 535
  • Adult Member: R5 595
  • Per Child (Maximum 3): R 1 522

6. Genesis

Genesis will cover you during planned and emergency admissions. In addition, you can choose between two of its benefit options, namely Private and Private Choice. They both come with the extra benefit of primary dentistry. Here is a look at the monthly contributions you would make as of 2021 for both benefits options:


  • One adult: R 1 850
  • Two adults: R 3 700
  • Two adults and one child: R 4 230
  • Two adults and two kids: R 4 760
  • Two adults and three kids: R 5 290

Private Choice

  • One adult: R 1 340
  • Two adults: R 2 680
  • Two adults and one child: R 3 120
  • Two adults and two kids: R 3 560
  • Two adults and three kids: R 4 000.

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