6 Things You Didn’t Know That Can Make Your Garden Grow Faster

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Having a garden in your backyard or anywhere is a great thing that always makes you happy whenever you go to plant a seed. But, what happens when the seed you planted is not growing fast?

That’s when the feeling of demotivation comes in. well, you don’t have to feel that way because if you do the right thing the plant would have grown faster than you expected.

So, what’s the right thing to do at this moment? This is the question that has been going through your mind ever since you open this informative blog.

All the answer to your question is here, but the reason why you wouldn’t have an answer to your question is when you fail to read through this informative article to the end because that’s where the solution is.

Things You Didn’t Know That Can Make Your Garden Grow Faster

There are some basic things you need to do to make your garden grow faster without applying some chemicals which might cause an effect on the plant health in due time.

Do you know that there are things you didn’t know that can make your garden grow faster? And, some of these things are what you use each day without knowing their benefit to your plant health.

Here, you will be given detailed information on some of those things which will be an eye-opener to you.

Things You Didn’t Know That Can Make Your Garden Grow Faster.

1. Bananas

Chop up banana peels, and then bury them in the soil when you plant tomatoes, rosebushes, or green pepper plants. The potash and phosphorous content in the peels will enrich the soil and strengthen your plants.

2. Eggshells

Because of their rich calcium content, eggshells should be tossed in your garden, not in your trash bin. Rinse them, crush them, and add them to plants like tomatoes that are often plagued by calcium deficiency.

Or, start seedlings in eggshells that have been carefully halved and rinsed. When the seedlings are big enough to be transplanted, plant them right in the ground, shell and all; the shell will biodegrade over time.

3. Grass Clippings

Adding a thin layer of grass clippings to your vegetable garden can prevent weed growth and help plants retain moisture. Apply no more than one-quarter inch of grass mulch; adding too much could inhibit water from passing through.

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Grass clippings that are full of weed seeds should be composted rather than applied directly to your garden, the heat from a properly maintained compost pile will kill the weed seeds.

4. DIY Plant Food

When taken together, a few simple household ingredients can offer big benefits to plants at a fraction of the cost of commercial fertilizers. Epsom salts, baking soda, and household ammonia can be combined to create a fertilizer that helps plants maintain healthy foliage and stimulates growth.

5. Wood Ash

Wood ash has a high alkaline content, which makes it great for neutralizing acidic soil. To determine if your soil could benefit from an application of wood ash, first purchase a pH test kit at any garden center and test a small sample of soil from your garden beds. Before you add any ash to your garden, make sure it is completely cool to the touch.

6. Tea Leaves

Used tea leaves contain the three nutrients you need for a good fertilizer: nitrogen, potash, and calcium. Sprinkle them at the base of your plant for a budget-friendly boost of nutrients.

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