Basic Steps on How to Manage Your Time Effectively During Exams Period

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Managing your time effectively during the examination period can be so stressful because that’s when you need to sort out some important things with the lecturer or teacher.

Whenever the time table is been pasted that’s when a lot of lecturers will start making the assessment and you will find it difficult to even have time to read in school or even at home because of the stress on other things to do before the exams commence.

But, what do you have to do at this point to effectively manage your time, so that you can come out as the best students which everyone is planning to be the best?

Steps on How to Manage Your Time Effectively During Exams Period

At this point, all that you need to do is to focus on your goals and what you need to achieve after your exams.

Would you like to be a failure or you want to stand out as the best? I know there’s no want that ever plans to be a failure but when you fail to prepare yourself for the exams and manage your time effectively, that’s when failure knock at your door and you are left with no option than to open and when you open, that is the end.

Rescheduling your time on things that aren’t important to you before the exam begins should be your main priority. Is not everything that you need to do at this point?

Try and make yourself prepared for the exams by spending your time reading and doing thorough research on what you were taught and what you weren’t taught because you won’t expect the lecture or teacher to teach you everything.

Steps on How to Manage Your Time Effectively During Exams Period

1. Get Organized

Just before you enter the exam period is a good time to review your study schedule. What work do you still need to cover, and how much time will you have between papers? Draw up a new roster taking into account the realities of the next few weeks and ensure you stick to it.

Create a neat working environment and a clear plan for what you need to do and study every day, and ensure that you have all the necessary materials sorted and on hand.

2. Stay Healthy

Don’t start stress-eating or staying up into the early morning hours before an exam to cram. No matter how hard you worked, if your body and mind are tired and worn out, you won’t be able to accurately reflect your effort in your papers. Take regularly scheduled breaks, get plenty of water, exercise and sleep, and ensure you eat as healthy as possible.

3. Narrow Down Your Reviewing

Before it enters the exam period, you should have adequately covered all your materials. With little time available between papers, you must now focus your attention on the sections of work that is almost certainly going to be tested and master them, rather than trying to re-read all your textbooks in their entirety.

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4. Breathe, And Get Your Head In The Right Space

Your biggest weapon right now is the ability to remain calm and perform under pressure. Download one of the many mindfulness apps available online (Headspace is a good one), and invest 5-10 minutes in calming down your nerves before you step into the exam room. Managing your anxiety ahead of each paper will go a long way towards helping you avoid mind blanks during the exam.

5. Defer Your Concerns, But Keep The End Goal In Mind

What if I don’t pass as well as I need to? Don’t let questions such as these take up mental energy during the exams? Instead, keep a laser focus on the task at hand doing as well as possible on each paper, and earning every point you possibly can.

It is helpful to continually visualize your plans for next year, and match that dream with the performance you need to get there. But don’t let these motivational thoughts turn negative.

After the exams, you still have time to investigate all your study options, and to match your interests and performance to the amazing higher education paths available.

“It is worth taking stock now of where you are, determining what still needs to be done, and getting to space where you are able to stay strong, motivated and effective right until the end of the exams,”.

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