How To Enroll Your Child In High School In Ontario 2024

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Wonderful weather, just the kind you need for a walk, delicious meals that can bring the nations together, a splendid region in the heart of America with lovely landmarks, it’s a peaceful place to raise a child, moreso, enroll a high school kid at. Ontario is just that place.

Embrace a new and magical adventure and let your kids dive into the novelty of a new environment and place of learning and because we want to see you smile, we have listed out the method to have your kid enrolled in a high school in Ontario effortlessly.

How To Enroll Your Child In High School In Ontario

There are approximately 920 high schools also called secondary schools in Ontario. Secondary education includes grades 9 to 12.

These few documents are what you will need for the enrolment or registration of your child into any public-funded high school in Ontario.

  • Proof Of Your Child’s Age: Your child’s birth certificate, passport, or other travel or identity documents could be accepted.
  • Proof Of Address: If you don’t have an Ontario Photo ID card or Ontario Driver’s License, a bank statement, utility bill, or lease that shows your name and address could do.
  • Proof Of Guardianship: Not needed except you are not the child’s parent.
  • Immunization Records: You can get a printout from their health care provider.
Do You Need To Bring Them Along?

Going with your child’s report cards, exam, or calls textbook might not be necessary but you could still go with them.

Is It Possible For An Enrollment OR Registration To Be Denied OR Revoked?

You should know that all children aged 6-18 can and must attend school, regardless of their immigration status or the immigration status of their parents. This is outlined in the Education Act, the law that governs public schools in Ontario: “A person who is otherwise entitled to be admitted to a school and who is less than eighteen years of age shall not be refused admission because the person or the person’s parent or guardian is unlawfully in Canada.”

How The Education System Works In Ontario

It might not be the same way it works in your home country.

Publicly funded education in Ontario is categorized into three stages: early childhood education, for children from birth to age 6; elementary school, for students from kindergarten to grade 8; and secondary school, for students from grade 9 to 12.

There are four types of school boards in Ontario and under section 93 of the Constitution; Roman Catholic kids have the right to a publicly funded separate denominational school system, while French-speaking families have the right to attend French-language schools. Depending on an individual’s language and religion, students can attend English Public, English Catholic, French Public, or French Catholic schools.

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