How To Enroll Your Child In Elementary School In Ontario 2023

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Relocating to a new country means a lot, like settling in, finding the right schools for your kids, adapting to the environment, and some other issues that pop up as a result of a change of environment. Finding the right school for your kid is as important as your daily working routine as a parent.

However, if you’ve recently moved to Canada, Ontario to be precise, then you do not have issued with the right schools for your kids because Ontario schools have been ranked as some of the best in the whole world.

So, grab a bowl of popcorn as you read through the requirements and how you need to get your cuties registered in elementary schools in Ontario.

Grade schools or Elementary schools operate from Junior Kindergarten through to Grade 8. Children can enroll in full-day kindergarten from the age of four years old. Generally, students graduate grade school at the age of 13.

Documents Required For Elementary School Registration In Ontario
  • A printout of the year-end registers Enrolment Summaries for Full-Time and Part-Time pupils that are certified as accurate by the principal.
  • A printout of the Monthly Enrolment Summaries for Full-Time pupils for the October and March count dates and at year-end that are certified as accurate by the principal
  • Enrolment Details Records, that are certified as accurate by the principal
  • The Daily Attendance Records for each pupil
  • The Daily Absence Report (Daily Telephone Contact List) for the school
  • Birth verification of student, which may include, but is not limited to, birth certificate; statement of live birth; birth registration; refugee claimant form; permanent resident card; confirmation of permanent residence (not an application for); baptismal certificate; passport; citizenship card; First Nation, Métis, Inuit ancestry; record of landing; substitute registration of birth or adoption; or others.
  • If applicable, Custody/Adoption Documentation, a copy of a court order confirming ward status, in the case of a legal guardian.
  • Proof of Residency of the adult student or student living with the parent(s)/guardian(s)/Education.
  • Designate requires the provision to the Board of two original documents, one from each of the categories below showing the home address.

Schools in Ontario have different structures and patterns, while some schools have enrolment patterns from K-6 and others going from K-8.  In some school districts, there are “middle schools” which have students from Grades 6-8. Yet other schools go from Grades 7-12. Elementary schools in Ontario are closed during July and August.

How To Enroll In Elementary Schools
  • Students must register at their designated home school.
  • Students may be eligible to attend a different school as outlined in Policy and Procedure
  • If applicable, an Elementary ESL/ELD Registration Form must be completed or English as a Second Language (ESL)/English Literacy Development (ELD)

French and English schools in Ontario are a citadel worth trying out for your elementary school kid which you might find really innovative and educating.

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