How To Check Your NSSF Number Online In Kenya 2024/2025

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How To Check Your NSSF Number Online In Kenya 2024…. Do you find it difficult to check your NSSF Number Online? If yes, then this informative article is for you. You will be given detailed information on How To Check Your NSSF Number Online In Kenya.

When you register with the NSSF, you get issued with an NSSF card that bears your name and NSSF number, among other details. This identifies you with the system, as a member of the NSSF. It is through this number that you get to make your NSSF contributions, and comfortably complete any transactions with the organization.

NSSF Rates

NSSF rates are used when determining the payable pension of an individual. This differs depending on various factors as guided by the NSSF Act. Below is a description of the various rates charged by the NSSF.

All employers with one or more employees, need to register with the National Social Security Fund. This is according to the latest NSSF act. The employer needs to :

  • Register as a contributing employer.
  • Ensure all her employees have registered with NSSF; in time.
  • Timely deduction and submission of full contributions by date 15 of every month (following month). There is a 5%, of the monthly charges or remaining contribution, fine charged on all late payments.
  • Follow the pre-decided format to file monthly returns by the date 15 of every month (following month).
  • Keep a clean and updated record of the employee’s details and earnings.

Employers who have satisfied section 19, by registering as contributing members, are expected to compute NSSF contributions as 12% of the employee’s overall earnings. It is from this 12% that the employer will remit 6% as the employees’ pensionable wages/salary. This forms the employers’ deduction.

The remaining 6% is deducted from the employee’s gross income; making up the employees’ deductions. It should also be noted that the employee is expected to update his personal information with regard to the latest developments in his/her life.

In the new NSSF voluntary rates, those who are not formally employed have been given a chance to remit their contributions through the provident fund. These voluntary contributions are as follows:

  • A minimum monthly contribution of Ksh 200, or annual min-contribution of Ksh 4,800,
  • All the contributions can be made in cash or via the M-Pesa B/S No. 333300.

According to the law of pension, there are two-tier classes, that is, tier I and tier II:

Tier I: This is applicable to those who earn very low income; and is described as a Low Earning Limit (LEL), and is based on Kenya’s minimum wage. These contributions are a must.

Tier II: Contributions in this tier are not obligatory, provided the company or organization is approved by the Retirement Benefits Authority to give an alternative plan other than NSSF (or out-of-NSSF scheme). Nonetheless, if an employee requests early retirement or leaves employment, the funds need to be transferred into an NSSF account or into an alternative scheme, approved for tier II.

How To Check My NSSF Number Online Kenya

How to check NSSF numbers online in Kenya continues to challenge many people seeking to retrieve their NSSF numbers. Check NSSF no online through the NSSF self service portal. You can also contact the NSSF support team to retrieve your NSSF number.

How To Check NSSF Balance On Phone

How to check NSSF balance is one of the commonly asked questions. This information helps you make an informed decision on how much you should save to achieve your desired targets within a given number of years. The process involved is quite simple, just as it is when you want to check NSSF status. Below is a detailed outline of how to check the NSSF balance on the phone:

  • Use the number 6773 to send NSSF as a message. You will then follow the instructions provided.
  • Type NSSF< leave space> NSSF No < leave space> Date of Birth Full Names, and send it to 6773. This data will be used to validate your legitimacy.
  • Once you have passed the test and validated, a PIN will be sent to you.
  • With the pin, type “Bal,” the PIN (new), and send it to 6773
  • Once this process has been completed, you can proceed to view your balance.

Unlike in the past where the only way to check my NSSF number was by visiting NSSF offices, today you can easily check your number through the NSSF member self service portal. This has made it very easy for one to check NSSF number, without too much hustle. Advancement in technology continues to work in favour of most people and in this case, NSSF transactions have just been simplified.

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