Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Netherland 2024

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Guess you didn’t know the Netherlands is the most populous country in Europe and that makes it a centre for thriving and growing job sectors which include agriculture and food, industries, chemicals, IT, health and biological sciences, logistics, and the service industry.

The Netherlands is ranked the sixth happiest country on earth and you bet it is, the citizens are receptive to visitors and enjoy healthy diets like no other. For most of us who can only speak English, no worries because the Dutch speak more English than any other language and are active athletes.

Notwithstanding, with all the wonderful knowledge you could learn about the Dutch, there are lots of employment opportunities in the Netherlands ranging from jobs in the agricultural sector to health to banking and politics, etc you are surely in safe hands. Here are the ten highest-paying jobs in the Netherlands.

1. Clinical Chemistry Researchers

Clinical Chemists Researchers apply knowledge of chemistry, biology, life sciences, etc to develop laboratory procedures that help physicians make accurate diagnoses and provide therapy for patients. They have strong laboratory skills and problem-solving skills which are the needed strengths of a researcher. In the Netherlands, Researchers earn €210,000 per year.

2. Pilot

Airplane pilots are concerned with flying and controlling planes and ensuring that passengers arrive safely at their respective destinations. They need knowledge of geography, mathematics, physics and they need good communication skills to relate with passengers of a different races. Commercial pilots fly cargo and passengers, military pilots fly soldiers and ammunition, etc. Pilots earn €155,280 every year.

3. Commercial Director

If you are going to be working as a Commercial Director then you should understand your responsibility which will include planning, developing, and implementing commercial strategies based on company goals and objectives in order to ensure optimal growth and improvement of the company. They earn €127,920 per annum.

4. Neurosurgeons

Neurosurgeons are doctors concerned with diagnosing, treating, and preventing disorders of the brain, spine, and nerves. They also treat diseases that affect the flow of blood to the brain. Neurosurgeons also perform neurological surgery and are placed at an average annual salary of €99,960 per annum.

5. Dermatologist

Just my kind of job. Dermatologists are involved in skincare and skin surgery. They provide medical advice and support to patients with skin diseases, disorders, and blemishes. They also assess skin care products to ensure they do not harm the users. They earn €99,960 every year.

6. Company Lawyer

Corporate or Company lawyers are experts in commercial law. They ensure a company’s transactions comply with corporate laws and regulations. They could work at law firms or as part of a company’s legal team. They prepare documents; make partnership deals and negotiations between companies. They earn €99,260 yearly.

7. Accountant

An accountant uses his skills in mathematics, accounting, law, and finance to assess and analyze profits and losses in a company or bank. They provide financial information to investors and business owners prepare data and ensure all details are accurate. They earn a whooping €94,560 as their annual salary.

8. Mayor

A mayor acts as the head of a department, he has centralized power to appoint, direct the administrative structure and also has the capacity to remove department heads. He also oversees the day-to-day activities of the company. A Mayor’s responsibility is massive and they earn €81,960 per year.

9. Lawyer

Lawyers perform a variety of tasks like offering legal advice, representing clients in courts, before government agencies, and in private legal matters. They also conduct research and make analyses of legal problems. They act as mediators between two parties bringing the two to an agreement and writing out treaties. They earn an average salary of €78,600 every year.

10. Addiction Psychiatrists

Addiction psychiatrists are Psychiatrists who diagnose and treat patients based on their addictions. They listen to patients to understand their reasons for addiction and prescribe medications (if necessary) to control withdrawal symptoms and cure underlying psychiatric disorders. Addiction Psychiatrists earn €76,560 every year as annual income.

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