Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Ghana 2024

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Ghana is one of the most formidable countries in West Africa known for its rich cultural displays and charisma. The African tale is never complete if the country Ghana is not mentioned, why it’s this popular is what we can’t tell. Is it because it’s a country that has fought headlong with so much crisis and won? We’ll find out.

Like every other African country, Ghana has its own story to tell, of its challenges, economic upsurge, and inflation adding to the recent blast of the virus that sent some countries’ economies into panic, Ghana hasn’t been left out.

Nonetheless, the country has been sustaining its economy through several means. Known for its numerous natural resources, some citizens have been able to get self-established thereby creating means of employment for the teeming number of job seekers in the country. This article will highlight some of the highest-paying jobs in Ghana.

1. Doctors

Even before the surge of coronavirus, doctors were always seen as huge assets to a nation,, it is not surprising that doctors in Ghana are the highest-paid professionals.

Job Description

Doctors are responsible for the diagnosis, prescription, and treatment of patients in the hospital. They may be on call around the clock in case there is an emergency. In Ghana, doctors earn an annual salary of GHC600,000.

2. Fuel Handlers

It’s a huge job anyway and fuel handlers get good pay for their jobs.

Job Descriptions;

Fuel handlers are responsible for the management of the fuel supply of a biogas plant, and power plant auxiliary equipment. They also take care of fuel handling equipment which involves; maintaining fuel in the storage area, handling receipts, and storage of fuel in a safe place. They ensure that fuel samples are taken and perform preventative maintenance on the fuel handling system and storage area. In Ghana, they earn a whopping GHC120,000 annually.

3. Shipping Supervisors

Shipping supervisors are responsible for shipping and distribution in companies. They can work in warehouses ensuring the proper shipping and timely delivery of products. In Ghana, shipping supervisors earn an annual salary of GHC 108,000 per year.

4. Account Manager

An account manager is a business representative that takes care of customer’s needs. They equally oversee the financial dealings of the company. They are probably the ones that meet more with company clients and customers. Account managers in Ghana earn GHC73,000 every year.

5. Project Managers

Project managers are responsible for special projects in a firm or company. They ensure that every project entrusted to their care is fairly executed. They could work for several companies but need to be competent to deliver before the deadline. They receive GHC70,000 yearly.

6. Teachers

Teachers are like molders, thus, their role in society cannot be overemphasized which is why in Ghana they earn a total of GHC60,000 per year.

They teach and instruct pupils and students, they can teach in private or public institutions or they could work as private tutors and still earn a whopping amount.

7. Engineers

Engineering is a vast sphere; these engineers could work either as petroleum engineers, chemical, biomedical engineers, or the rest of them. Services, not engineers are widely appreciated throughout the globe and Ghana is not an exception. They earn GHC60,000 annually.

8. Operation Managers

The thing with operation managers is that they are always in need in companies. Operation managers keep track of BN or account of every operation that takes place in a firm and the budgets. They ensure every operation is implemented and that it is a success without exceeding the budget. They earn an annual income of GHC 48,000 yearly.

9. Business Analysts

Business analysts study a company or firm and make or create solutions that should foster the growth of the business. They look at the weaknesses and strengths of a company and decide which strategy will brew the expected results. They earn GHC24,000.

10. Blogging

Blogging is one of the online jobs you could do in the comfort of your home. Bloggers earn a whole lot of money every month writing and doing research. As a blogger, you’ll need a great knowledge of the niche you wish to work at or not but you will definitely have to read up and understand in detail the scope you’ll be working on. Bloggers in Ghana earn more than GHC1500 to 3000.

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